Burning zombies with the World War Z Flamethrower weapon is a lot of fun. Introduced with the Kill It With Fire Update. It has limited fuel but will burn everything it touches. The Flamethrower is considered a heavy weapon. We need to pick this gun up in different locations on the map so keep an eye out.

YouTube video
We use the Flame-Thrower at 3:26 in the video.

We can only carry one heavy weapon at a time. So if you’re currently holding a heavy gun and come across the flamethrower you will need to swap them. You have a desition to make depending on your situation.

Flamethrower Details

World War Z Flamethrower
World War Z Flamethrower 1

This portable fire hose comes with one full tank of gas. With no way of filling it back up, we must find a new one each time. In my experience, the weapon is quite rare. While farming challenge tokens and unlocking prestige perks for our classes we came across it about once in 10 matches.

Here are some notable stats for the Flamethrower:

  • Infinite Punchthrough
  • 165 ammo capacity
  • Heavy Weapon
  • Low Drop Chance
  • Applies Burn to Enemy

With a max ammo capacity of 165, the Flame thrower does a good job burning through all that fule in a couple of seconds. Its damage output is decent. If you can get a dense group of zombies in World War Z, there is no better weapon to use in that situation. Great for defense objectives where waves of zombies are on the way. It seems to punch through all zombies within the range of the flame!

On the other hand, it is not very useful for just a couple of zombies. Just save it for the right moment. Tapping the fire button will slow down the consumption of the fuel. It seems not to do as much damage as holding down the button in comparison.

Flame Thrower Tips

Think of the Flame-Thrower as a Molotov Cocktail. Fire does Damage Over Time. Spraying fire at a zombie until it dies is not a good use of our fuel. Hit them with fire for a couple of seconds and let them burn. DOT damage will finish them off.


Overall, the FlameThrower is the best weapon in close range with piles of zombies to exterminate. Ammo can become an issue. But with infinite punch through we can wipe out hundreds of zombies with one tank in the right situation. I pick up this weapon up every time and so should you. Fun to use and very effective.