Stay hidden from the zombie apocalypse by using the World War Z Masking Grenade. With a limited amount of resources, we can choose when to use these very carefully. Only available to the Fixer Class. As a support item, this equipment can be useful to the entire team. This is not your ordinary smoke grenade. Behaves similar to the Stim Pistol from the medic class.

Invisibility has been sought after since the beginning of time. Its never been needed more than in a zombie breakout. As the world becomes overrun by the infected, humanity needs to survive.

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Masking Grenade

The WWZ Masking Grenade is a piece of throwable equipment that produces a gas. If someone comes into contact with the smoke they will become undetected by zombies for a short duration. Explodes shortly after coming into contact with the ground.

  • Become invisible to zombies for a few seconds
  • Grants a temporary health boost
  • Restores some Primary ammo
  • Max capacity 2

Masking Effect

Wwz Masking Effect
Wwz Masking Effect 1

There has been a monumental breakthrough in research. Scientist somehow found a way to stay undetected by the zombies. The origin of this discovery is unknown. Advancement in this field has allowed them to produce a gas capable of covering large areas. It was later turned into a portable grenade to use in rescue missions.

Masking Grenade vs Supply Bag

As a Fixer, we can choose what gadget we will bring with us on our travels. We have a choice between the Supply Bag or Masking Grenade. Both have very different effects and support separate playstyles.

Supply Bags are to restock ammo with a small chance of receiving explosive ammunition. A purely offensive tool that lets us continue to fight zombies without a resupply crate nearby.

Masking Grenades are to stay hidden and mostly use in defensive situations. Staying alive and buying time to recover from bad situations. It can be used to rush by objectives too if you have an aggressive playstyle.

Best Perks

Here are the best perks to use for the Masking Grenade. This combination of perks will get the most from the masking effect we receive.

  1. Night Owl – Start With Masking Grenades.
  2. Shadow Walker – Effect duration increased by 3 seconds.
  3. One For The Road – Max Capacity increased to 2.
  4. Under The Table – Anyone entering the gas cloud restores 20% of primary weapon ammo.
  5. Knock Knock – Start With a Breaching Charge.

All the other perks are personal preference. we consider these the best and are always unlocked. Especially while I unlock prestige ranks.