There are many weapons to choose from while surviving the zombie apocalypse. A smart gun to use is a Sporting Carbine in World War Z. Also known as the PAC-15. Semi-Auto firing mode that shoots one bullet with each individual trigger pull. Gunfire silenced with a suppressor attached reducing the amount of noise when firing.

The PAC-15 can be used by any class when finding on the map. It can only be a starting weapon for the Fixer Class via perk. There are also many Prestige Weapons you can earn as well.

PAC-15 Carbine Assault Rifle in WWZ

Sporting Carbine Pac 15 Upgrade
Sporting Carbine Pac 15 Upgrade 1

The Sporting Carbine in WWZ is actually a modified version of the M4 Assault Rifle. Commonly used for the Army and the Marine Corps. Converted from the M16 to a smaller lightweight carbine. Air-cooled and gas-operated firing a 5.56 caliber round.

Pros and Cons

This weapon provides many benefits in combat situations. Even during a zombie breakout. Having a suppressor will keep your position safe from sound-sensitive zombies. The PAC-15 is a semiautomatic weapon with good penetration. So it is also great at preserving ammo when resources are scarce. The ammo type being used is also very common. 5.56 NATO rounds can be easily found and produced.

There are also downsides to equipping the Sporting Carbine. World War Z has Special Zombies. Some require a lot of damage to kill. This weapon fires much slower than fully automatic weapons. Lowing your DPS. If you need to kill something fast you might be in trouble. Having a fast trigger finger will help relieve this problem.

Performance and Stats

The performance of the PAC-15 is very respectable. Capable of hitting 3 zombies with one bullet. This shows the most when fighting hordes. As they line up to climb a fence or bunch together on barbed wire. Shooting the zombies from an angle where we can hit them all in the head can easily clear dozens at a time without reloading.

Weapons stats are above average. Two shots to the body on regular zombies will be lethal even on the hardest difficulty. Will reliably hit what you’re aiming at whether aiming down sight or from hip fire. The fire rate is lacking but makes it up with penetration. Hitting multiple zombies with a single bullet saves ammo and kills more effectively.

How To Start With Sporting Carbine

To start with the Sporting Carbin in World War Z you will need to choose the Fixer class and activate a Perk called Gunner. Unlocked at Level 13. This exclusive perk will remove the Scout Rifle from your inventory and replace it with the PAC-15.

Whatever upgrades you have purchased in your locker for this weapon will be attached when starting a match. Weapon customization affects all characters. If you find this weapon while playing laying on the ground it will also have these upgrades as well.

Dropping any weapon is not permanent if you choose to swap out for a different one. Guns will remain in the same spot until you either die or quit the match. When you restart the Sporting Carbine will once again be equipt. As long as you are using the Fixer Class and the Gunner Perk is active.

Scout Rifle Alternative

The Classic Battle Rifle is the default gun for the Fixer Class. Fully automatic and has similar stats to the carbine. There is a unique Assault Rifle version called Mini-21. Unlocked after reaching Prestige 2 a Fixer. Mini-21 receives a custom perk called Wolf Pack. Making this weapon deal 10% more damage per teammate carrying the same weapon for up to 40% more damage.

Will take some work to unlock but if your whole team is carrying the Mini-21 you will receive a substantial damage increase. Consider going for this when leveling your Sporting Carbine while playing World War Z.

This concludes our weapon guide. Hope this information is helpful.