The New World War Z Bomber Special Zombie has arrived with the Horde Update. As the world continues to descend into chaos, new terrifying zombies have been found. Spreading terror in the survivors of the breakout.

Many have fallen to this elite enemy but not without a noble cause. It was learned that these new foes are the result of Military Demolition Experts that have been bitten and turned. Still strapped with Claymores and C4 explosives.

The Bomber in WWZ

World War Z Bomber
World War Z Bomber 1

The bomber is especially dangerous to take down. It has bombs attached to various parts of the body. If shot, the zombie will explode in an AOE and cause massive damage to anyone in the area. It can be useful to kill other zombies nearby.

How To Disable The Bomber

There has recently been a discovery on how to disable these new special zombies that will provide us with more resources if successful. Target the vulnerable areas on the bomber. That will not cause an explosion but rather disable the zombie so we can disarm the bomb.

Deactivating them will reward the player with better loot. Timing is of importance. Once it goes down, rush over and deactivate the explosives before it detonates and claim them for yourself.

  1. Target and shoot weak spots such as the legs to avoid an explosion
  2. Hurry to defuse the Bombs attached to the zombie
  3. Collect your loot

Sometimes it will be better to detonate the explosives if you are surrounded by a horde or within a mixture of other special zombies. Taking the time to disable them instead could lead to your team going down in certain situations.