Here is everything you need to know about the World War Z Stim Pistol for the Medic Class. We explain how to keep your team alive with masking and temporary health. As a Medic, it is our job to heal and revive our teammates. Playing this role correctly will increase our chances of surviving the zombie apocalypse.

There is also an exclusive perk that increases the range of this gadget called Remote Healthcare. Our post on Prestige Ranks goes into more detail.

Stim Pistol

The Stim Pistol is a gadget for the Medic Class that shoots out a stimulation dart providing a temporary health boost to the recipient. Effects can be applied to the wielder as well as teammates from a distance. Upgraded versions also apply a masking effect that will render the user undetectable by zombies. Can revive team members as well.

How To Use Stim Pistol On Teammates

Wwz How To Use The Syim Pistol
Wwz How To Use Stim Pistol 1

To use the Stim Pistol on Teammates HOLD the Equipment button instead of pressing it. This will allow us to aim where we want to shoot the stim. When we aim over a team member they will glow white. Releasing the button will now shoot the stim and apply the effects to them instead.

  1. Equipt Medic Class
  2. Hold the Equipment Button (do not press)
  3. Aim at your teammate (they will glow white)
  4. Release the button

As long as you have equipment charges this will work. If not we must pick up a supply bag to restock our gadget before we can apply the effects. In World War Z the Medics and Fixers usually get the supply bags first. If there is any left then others can pick it up instead. Utility and Health are what keeps us alive!

How Stim Pistol Works

This gadget is used before damage is taken. Once it is used the person affected will have a yellow bar above their health. Think of it as a shield. Lasts from only a few seconds to over a minute. Depending on what perks you unlocked for your character. Any player under the effects of Stim Pistol will see their screen glow yellow. Very easy to spot even while being distracted.

Here a are some things the Stim Pistol Can do:

  • Revive fallen team members from a distance.
  • Provide a temporary health boost.
  • Apply Masking Effect and become invisible.
  • Recover pinned teammates to their feet.
  • Additional Melee strikes before becoming fatigued.
  • Boost Firearm Damage

As a medic, we have a limited supply of stims to use. With a maximum of 4 charges. Allowing us to help each member of our team at least once. Do not forget about yourself. It is important we stay alive so we can help our team stay alive.

Best Stim Pistol Perks

The best Stim Pistol perks are open to personal preference. There is a bunch of variety to choose from. Depending on what playstyle you prefer. There are some perks that are very strong in World War Z. Efficiency, Free Hugs, and Secret ingredients are by far the best perks.

These are the perks every medic should use:

  • Efficiency – 35% chance of using a Medkit without depleting your supply.
  • Free Hugs – 25% Chance of using a Stim Pistol without depleting a charge.
  • Secret Ingredient – Stim Pistol grants an additional masking effect lasting 5 seconds.
  • Triage – Apply Medkits 50% faster.
  • Wheatgrass – Health increased by 25%.

Just these alone will allow us to do our job in World War Z. Staying alive is priority number one. That responsibility rest on our shoulders. I hope this answered all your questions. Let us know if you want us to add anything. Stay tuned for more guides on WWZ.