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New World War Z Prestige Ranks have been added to the game in this free Season 2 Update for all players. Level 30 classes can be ranked up again for added bonuses to your class. These are permanently equipped and do not take up an active perk slot.

If your here for info on the Prestige Weapons, have a look at our guide.

The only way to see what the Prestige Perks are will require us to be Lvl 30 with the class first. New RED circles appear and show a preview of what can be unlocked for every 10 levels as we rank up again.

Each new prestige (4 Total) needs to be purchased with in-game currency. Buying prestige ranks cost 7500 credits. Each new tier will reset all progress for the upgraded class and will need to be ranked up again. Since this isn't the first time, you should know what playstyle you prefer.

If you don't have a surplus of credits unlocking all the perks again can be pricy. Just buy the ones you use the most to hit Lvl 30 again.

All WWZ Prestige Ranks

In addition to the new abilities, you will also unlock new weapon skins that provide a stat boost for each class at rank 2.

Currently, there are 6 classes to choose from when trying to survive this zombie apocalypse. Medic, Fixer, Slasher, Gunslinger, Hellraiser, and Exterminator. Each position promotes a different playstyle while still allowing the player to choose unique abilities better fitting to their preferences.

Medic Prestige Perks

Medic Class is the healer for the group. Prevent damage with temporary health and masking effects for anyone healed by a medkit or a stim shot. Overall the best class in the game. Great for new players. Compact SMG (Skin) - Weapons Fire rate increased by 50%.

  1. Stim Pistol effects last 25% longer.
  2. Apply Medkits 25% faster.
  3. Stim Pistol range increased by 25%.
  4. SMG range increased by 25%.

Fixer Prestige Perks

Fixer is a jack of all trades. Can use ammo boxes, masking grenades and is the designated breacher of the group. Scout Rifle (Skin) - This weapon does 10% more damage per teammate carrying the same weapon up to 40% for a full team. Equipping this weapon will replace the Sporting Carbine.

  1. 10% chance of using a Breaching Charge without spending it.
  2. Revive speed increased by 25%.
  3. Carried ammo for primary and secondary weapons increased by 5% for yourself and all teammates..
  4. Deal 10% more damage to special zombies.

Slasher Prestige Perks

Slasher is the in your face, hack and slash melee class. Equip with a stun gun for Crowd Control and reduced damage while swinging your sharp toys at zombies. Crossbow (Skin): Immune to explosive damage from the crossbow.

  1. Stun Gun last 15% longer.
  2. Stun Gun range increased by 15%.
  3. Perform 1 more melee strike before becoming tired.
  4. Take 10% less damage while performing melee attacks.

Gunslinger Prestige Perks

Gunslinger is obviously about gunplay. Most perks are geared towards primary and secondary weapons with frag grenades for equipment. Classic Battle Rifle (Skin): This weapon does 25% more dmg to specials

  1. Reload speed increased by 10% on all primary weapons.
  2. Reload speed increased 15% on secondary weapons.
  3. Carried ammo per primary and secondary weapons increased by 10%.
  4. Frag grenades can kill 20% more targets.

Hellraiser Prestige Perks

Combat Shotgun (Skin): Shotgun range increased by 150% and pellets can penetrate 1 additional target.

  1. Throw distance of C4 increased by 25%.
  2. Switch weapons 25% faster.
  3. Explosive can kill 10% more targets.
  4. Carried ammo for Thumper GL increased by 1.

Exterminator Prestige Perks

Assault Shotgun (Skin): Nearby zombies will be pushed back when reloading this weapon.

  1. Health increased by 5%.
  2. Shotguns and semi-auto weapons reload speeds increased by 10%.
  3. Molitovs and Claymores can kill 10% more targets.
  4. Carried ammo for primary weapons increased by 10%.
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