Weapons – Thronefall

Weapons in Thronefall

Weapons offensive items in Thronefall that are equipped at the start of each crusade. Players choose between 3 different types of weapons. Only one can be used at a time and can not be change during battle.

Each weapon excels at different tasks and synergies well with specific maps. Some Levels are downright brutal without using the Light Spear and Ice Magic combo. Mutators make this map a nightmare.

Long Bow

Long Bow Weapon In Thronefall
Long Bow Weapon In Thronefall

Passive: Fast range attack. Strong against most units, but not very effective when attacking Siege engines.

Active Ability: Stabbing a nearby enemy with your dagger and deal massive damage. The lower the health of your victim as you attack, the lower the cooldown of the ability will be.

Best Perks to use

Glass Cannon is the best perk to use with the Longbow. Safely shoot arrows from a distance and enjoy the added damage boost with little downsides. Until you run into archers, of course.

Warrior Mode is a good pick for more weapon damage, but at the expense of all your other Buildings and units doing less damage.

Light Spear

Light Spear Weapon In Thronefall
Light Spear Weapon In Thronefall

Passive: Rapid melee attack. Deals bonus damage against all fast moving enemy types and slows them down for a couple of seconds. Effective against fast enemies.

Active Ability: Heal yourself and significantly increase your attack speed for a brief moment. If you activate the ability while being below 30% of your max health, the effect lasts longer.

Best Perks to use

Ice Magic makes the spear a Crowd Control King. No pun intended. Slow effects are more effective and last much longer.

Healing Spirits give more HP regeneration when using the Active Ability, and the Commander upgrade pairs well for our allied units as well.

Heavy Sword

Heavy Sword Weapon In Thronefall
Heavy Sword Weapon In Thronefall

Passive: Slow melee attack. Deals splash damage. Strong against groups of enemies.

Active Ability: Big strike with a larger radius, dealing more damage.

Best Perks to use

Heavy Armor gives us a very large amount of health, letting us stay in the fight surrounded by enemies. This weapon is AOE focused, so it is only right to be a tank.

Melee Resistance gives the King, all Units and all Buildings damage reduction for all incoming Melee attacks.

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