To get a Highscore in Thronefall we must understand how the game calculates the points we earned while defending our Kingdom. The formula to calculate this is:

Base Score + Gold Bonus + Mutator Bonus = High Score.

But there is a little more to it that may cause some confusion. Let’s look at a screenshot to better explain how it works.

Leaderboard High Score Notification In Thronefall
Leaderboard High Score Notification In Thronefall

The math behind your HighScore

After each victory you will be crowned KING, but most importantly you will get the results screen that tally up our score and XP earned.

Base Score

The math behind Base Score is how well you defended your Kingdom after each individual wave. If you cleared waves quickly and kept all your units and buildings alive, you will receive the highest possible score.

Gold Bonus

Most people just spend all their Gold, right? Obviously, I’m trying to max out my Mills and Fields as early as possible. But, if you didn’t need to spend Gold in the later waves, it’s actually better to hold on to it.

Thronefall give players Bonus Points for excess gold. You will get 10 Points for each piece of Gold we keep.

Various perks like Treasure Hunter directly contribute to player’s score.

Bonus Score

We get this modifier from activating Mutators. Enabling all Mutators besides the Turtle God (enemy health is double) will give us 199% Bonus Score.

Mutator Bonus

Mutator Bonus points are awarded after applying all the previous calculations.

e.g: (Base Score + Gold Bonus) * Bonus Score = Mutator Bonus.

As an actual example, (5000 + 1000) * 1.99 = 11940

Total Score

The total score is the combination of all the other Scores combined. See the first paragraph in this post.