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All 27 Perks in Thronefall

Perks in Thronefall are additive improvements you can take with you into each new crusade. You can equip any 3 perks at one time. Some cater to specific Maps like Indestructible Mines on Durststein, Big Harbors on Frostsee and Arcane Towers on Neuland.

Other Perks provide the King more health but moves slower. Ice Magic pairs well with the Light Spear Weapon. It is best to find your own synergies within these perks related to your task.

Take note of the level you are on and what enemies you may be facing. Your choices on this screen will determine how you win or lose, especially when activating Mutators.

The following perks are listed in the same order as they are unlocked in the game:

Royal Mint

Your castle center produces gold and that income increases every time you upgrade it.

Royal mint Perk Icon in Thronefall

Arcane Towers

Your towers have a much greater range and their projectiles deal significantly more damage to enemies.

Arcane Towers Perk Icon in Thronefall

Heavy Armor

You have a very large amount of health, but your horse is slightly slower at night.

Heavy Armor Perk Icon in Thronefall

Castle Fortifications

Your castle center has a lot more health points, fires arrows much faster, and also has a greater attack range.

Castle Fortifications Perk Icon in Thronefall

Ring Of Resurrection

You are granted one very fast revive every night.

Ring of Resurection Perk Icon in Thronefall

Pumpkin Fields

Fields give more income and have more health points, but are also more expensive.

Pumpkin Fields Perk Icon in Thronefall

Architects Council

The build options from the next castle center upgrade are already unlocked. This means you have more building options to choose from early in the game.

Architects Council Perk Icon in Thronefall

Gods Potion

Walls and towers have a lot more health points.

Gods Potion Perk Icon in Thronefall

Castle Blueprints

Walls and towers have a lot more health points.

Caslte Blueprints Perk Icon in Thronefall

Gladiator School

Units are trained much faster, but all barracks are slightly more expensive.

Gladiator School Perk Icon in Thronefall

War Horse

Your horse is faster and riding over enemies deals some damage.

War Horse Perk Icon in Thronefall

Glass Canon

You deal significantly more damage, but you have much less health points.

Glass cannon Perk Icon in Thronefall

Big Harbours

Fishing Harbours have capacity for 2 additional fishing boats and are more resistant to enemy attacks.

Big Harbours Perk Icon in Thronefall

Elite Warriors

All of your units have double health but take way longer to respawn.

Elite Warriors Perk Icon in Thronefall

Archery Skills

All your archers have a much greater range.

Archery Skills Perk Icon in Thronefall

Faster Research

Blacksmith upgrades start with 1 day of progress already complete, so all upgrades finish much faster.

Faster Research Perk Icon in Thronefall

Fortified Houses

Level 2 houses have a lot more health points and shoot arrows at enemies.

Fortified houses Perk Icon in Thronefall

Commander Mode

All of your units and buildings deal significantly more damage to enemies, but the weapon you equipped is much less effective.

Commander mode Perk Icon in Thronefall

Healing Spirits

All healing effects on you and your units are a lot more effective.

Healing Spirits Perk Icon in Thronefall

Ice Magic

All slow effects are more effective and affect enemies for a significantly longer time.

Ice Magic Perk Icon in Thronefall

Melee Resistance

You, your units and all of your buildings take significantly less damage from melee attacks.

Melee Resistance Perk Icon in Thronefall

Power Tower

The tower you are closest to gets a significant boost in attack speed.

Power Tower Perk Icon in Thronefall

Ranged Resistance

You, your units and all of your buildings take significantly less damage from ranged attacks.

Ranged Resistance Perk Icon in Thronefall

Treasure Hunter

You get 40 gold on the morning before the last night.

Treasure Hunter Perk Icon in Thronefall

Indestructible Mines

Your gold mines are indestructible.

Indestructible mines Perk Icon in Thronefall

Warrior Mode

The weapon you equipped becomes more powerful every night, but all of your units and buildings deal less damage to enemies.

Warrior Mode Perk Icon in Thronefall
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