Thronefall – All Enemy Units & Icons

All Enemy Types in Thronefall

There are 3 Enemy Types in Thronefall. Human, Beast and Siege units. All of them combined pose a legitimate threat to the king’s castle. Each has their weaknesses and strength. That is what we will cover in this Wiki post.

The names of each enemy were confirmed by looking inside the games files along with the related icons for each unit. Perks and Mutators will affect the difficulty of each foe.

Basic Understanding

The short version of how to counter each type is as follows:

  • Monster Enemys are hard countered by Hunters (built from Archery Range).
  • Human – Create a mismatch between Ranged and Melee units.
  • Siege – Ballista (Defense Tower level 3) and Berserkers (Barracks Level 1) prioritize Siege units.

Each unit is listed in alphabetical order with a brief description and Icon.


Human Raged unit that fire arrows from a distance.

Archer Thronefall Enemy


Flying Creature with ranged attacks. Can only be damaged by other ranged units like Archers, Scare Crows and Towers.

bee thronefall enemy


Siege units that hurl boulders at buildings for immense damage. High Health, very low speed. Can be countered by building Ballista Towers.

Catapult Thronefall enemy


Human Ranged units that fire crossbows from short range for High Damage. Very dangerous in groups.

Crossbowman Thronefall enemy


Monster type unit with large health and explodes when killed or collides with a building for MASSIVE damage. One-shots most structures.

Exploder Thronefall enemy


Monster type unit with Very High Speed and mobility, and respectable damage with low health. Light Spear and Spearman will counter these units completely.

Flyer Thronefall enemy


Hunterlings are a monster enemy type. Very fast Melee unit with VERY high damage but low health. Spear wins this battle as well.

Hunterling Thronefall enemy


Knights are a Melee Unit equipped with a Sword and Shield. Medium Attack, High Health, Low Speed.

Knight Thronefall enemy


Ogres are a Monster Enemy Type with Very High Health, High damage but low speed. They look like pink snow men. Ballista Towers make quick work of them.

Ogre Thronefall Enemy


Racers are a monster enemy type. Nimble and blazing fast. They will run right by everything, directly to your Castle. Low health, Average attack.

Racer Thronefall enemy


Rams are Large seige units with slow movement speed, moderate health but deals high damage to structures and buildings.

Ram Thronefall Enemy


Riders are a Monster Enemy Type with high mobility and movement speed. Deals repectable damage and are heavily countered by the light spear weapon.

Rider Thronefall Enemy


Spearmen are melee units that attack with spears and slows your movement on hit. Medium damage, average speed and average health.

Spearman Thronfall enemy


Weaklings are human melee units with low health, attack and speed. Weaklings are the most common enemy and the first one we encounter.

Weakling Thronefall enemy
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