Commanding Units in Thronefall is simple once you understand the mechanics behind them. Let’s take a look at the most useful ways to control our Soldiers.

We also have Wikis for Mutators, Perks, Buildings and Weapons.

How to Command your Units in Thronefall

Thronefall Gather Units
Thronefall Gather Units

Let’s get down some of the basics, shall we?

Gather Units

This is how to select any combination of allied soldiers:

  1. Hold Left Ctrl (Keyboard)) or X (Controller) (a circle will expand around our King)
  2. Move around and Select what units you need (the circle will gather them)
  3. Go to your target location. The selected units will follow you.
  4. Let Go of Ctrl and X
  5. Assign Patrol (Press C or Ctrl) or Hold Position (hold X or Ctrl).

Don’t forget about step #4.

Patrol Position Command

Thronefall Patrol Position
Thronefall Patrol Position

After gathering your desired soldiers, players can have them Patrol and area by Pressing the X (Controller) or Ctrl (keyboard). Meaning, They will stay in that specified area until they detect an enemy.

Then they will leave the area you specified and attack the first enemy they can reach, abandoning their post.

Hold Position Command

Thronefall Hold Position
Thronefall Hold Position

After selecting our specific, units, we can also make them Hold Position by Holding X (controller) or Ctrl (keyboard). This will lock them in place regardless of what is happening. This will make sure your units stay where they are if you don’t want them to move.

When done correctly, you will see a white circle for every unit placed. If you’re having trouble, don’t forget to let go of Ctrl and X, Before Holding the button down to issue the command.

If the enemy is too fast, and our soldiers do not get rid of them in time, the enemy will run right past our units. This is very useful for holding down choke points. Buts can also cause issues if placed improperly.

Reset Unit Formation Every Morning

Thronefall Reset Unit Formation Every Morning
Thronefall Reset Unit Formation Every Morning

There is a hidden setting for commanding units tucked away in the Gameplay Settings of Thronefall. This option allows players to have our Soldiers reset back to their original position or stay in place after each wave.

This is extremely useful, especially when we know a particular amount of soldiers will always be placed there.

  • ON – Allie Units march back to their respective buildings.
  • OFF – Allied Soldiers stay put in the same Manual location we told them to.

We turn this setting ON and Off multiple times per run.