Out of all the available Perks in Thronefall we have made a couple builds for different situations based on Level and Enemy types. Some synergies are kinda broken and others are just mehh.

Let’s take a beeper look at some of the build combinations.

Glass King Build

The Glass King Build is in my opinion the best combination of Perks in Thronefall. Select the following perks and weapons:

Weapon : Light Spear


  • Glass Cannon – High damage increase, Very Low health.
  • Heavy Armor – Gain a large amount of health, move slower at night.
  • War Horse – Faster Movement and riding into enemies does damage.

Castle Center Upgrades:

  • Assassins Training – More Damage.
  • Royal Mastery – + 75% more HP and Damage.

With some crafty movement skills (in and out) to take advantage of the horse damage, you can defeat entire waves by yourself. It’s honestly overpowered.

Eco Greed Build

To use the Economy Greed Build, we suggest maximizing the amount of Gold we can produce throughout the run without losing any Structures. This is how we made a run for top 10 on the Public Leaderboard.

Extra gold directly translates into a Higher Score. See here how Highscore is calculated in Thronefall.

Buildings Priority: Mills > Fields > Mines > Harbor > Houses.

Weapon : Light Spear


  • Royal Mint – Castle Center produces Gold even more when upgraded.
  • Elite Warriors – Units have double health, but respawn much slower.
  • Treasure Hunter – Receive 40 Gold on the morning before the last night.

Castle Center Upgrades:

  • Assassin’s Training – More Damage, better Active Ability cooldown.
  • Royal Mastery – + 75% more HP and Damage.

We can swap out Assassins training for Builder’s Guild (free level 2 houses) but we might pay for it in lost building because our damage wasn’t enough to hold the waves back.

Perks Tier List

The best perks in Thronefall come down to two simple ideas. Economy and Defense. By defense, I mean defeating waves quickly without losing any buildings. So we will separate the perks as such.

Top 5 for Defense and Attack

  1. Glass Cannon
  2. Heavy Armor
  3. Arcane Towers
  4. Elite Warriors
  5. Castle Blueprints

Economy and High Score

  1. Royal Mint
  2. Treasure Hunter
  3. Indestructible Mines
  4. Big Harbors
  5. Pumpkin Fields