The Air Dash in Jedi Survivor is an exhilarating way to quickly maneuver around the battlefield and get the upper hand on your enemies. Let’s explore the Air Dash in detail, looking at how it works, when to use it, and why it’s one of the most exciting moves in the game. So let’s get dashing!

Air Dash Ability in Jedi Survivor

How To Air Dash In Star Wars Jedi Survivor
How To Air Dash In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

This ability grants players the power to quickly dash through the air in any direction, allowing them to dodge incoming attacks and reach areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Unlocking the Air Dash Ability

To unlock the Dash ability in Jedi Survivor, players must progress through the game’s main missions until they reach the Reach Pilgrims Sanctuary quest.

During this quest, players will need to use parkour abilities and the force to jump across different places until they reach a point where they must jump forward to grab a giant rope, use their lightsaber to reduce the impact of the fall, and jump towards a door while using the force ability to pull it apart.

After a short cutscene, players will return to the bottom of the Singing Ruins area and receive a notification about having unlocked the Dash ability. To use the Dash action, players must jump and press the forward button.

Useful Features of the Dash Ability

The Dash ability is an incredibly useful feature that allows players to jump further and through wind gusts, green barriers, and stormy areas like when solving the Jawa Rumor on Kobo.

  1. The Dash action not only helps players access hard-to-reach areas.
  2. Resets their double jump and dash, allowing them to reach even greater heights when combined with their aerial abilities.
  3. Most important of all is you are now able to dash through those Green Force Fields, that weren’t otherwise possible.

Merrins Charm – Pilgrims Sanctuary Quest

At the Pilgrim’s Sanctuary, Merrin will provide players with Merrin’s Charm, which automatically allows them to air dash through green gates without the need for anything special.

This charm also allows players to permanently dash through green gates and reset their double jump and dash, allowing them to reach greater heights when using the gates in tandem with their aerial abilities. Players can also use the air dash ability to access hidden areas and chests that were previously blocked by green gates.