In Jedi Survivor, you are bound to encounter various barriers and obstacles as you explore the galaxy, with green force field barriers being one of the most common and frustrating.

As you begin the game, these barriers may seem impossible to bypass, but with the right abilities and knowledge, they simply become another doorway for you to unlock new paths and opportunities.

This guide is designed to provide you with the essential information on how to pass green force field barriers in Jedi Survivor, ensuring that you can progress smoothly in your quest and fully enjoy the game.

Follow these steps and soon, you’ll no longer be hindered by these once-imposing barriers.

Unlocking Merrin’s Magic Charm: The Key to Green Barriers

Jedi Survivor Green Force Fields
Jedi Survivor Green Force Fields

The key to getting through these barriers lies in unlocking Merrin’s Magicked Charm. You can only acquire this traversal item halfway through the game’s main storyline, specifically in Chapter 4.1 when you attempt to reach Pilgrim’s Sanctuary on Jedha.

Merrin will teach you the charm, which allows you to air dash through the green force fields effortlessly. This will also work on the red barriers found on Nova Garon. With Merrin’s Charm in hand, you’ll have far more opportunities to find loot and reset your dash cooldowns, allowing you to explore new paths in Jedi Survivor without any issues.

Air Dash

To unlock the Air Dash in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you need to progress through the Singing Ruins in Jedha. This ability cannot be performed from the beginning of the game, so you need to play through some of the main missions to reach the specific story quest titled “A Faint Light.”

During this quest, you will have to venture to Jedha, a notorious place for housing rebellions and freedom fighters such as Saw Gerrara. Once you arrive, you will have to perform parkour abilities coupled with the force to jump across different places until you reach the bottom of the Singing Ruins.

Here, you need to jump and press the forward button to perform the Air Dash and be swept by the wind gust. A cutscene will play, and you will have access to the Air Dash after. The Air Dash helps you pass through wind gusts and green barriers, allowing you to access previous areas that you have not discovered.

Using the Air Dash will definitely come in handy for you throughout your journey in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Mountain Ascent Force Field

If you’re trying to ascend the mountain, you may encounter green force field barriers blocking your path. The ability to dash is unlocked about 10–15 hours into the main story while defending Jedha from the Empire.

For now just run past this barrier but remember the location and come back after acquiring Merrins Charm. With these items and abilities, you’ll be able to navigate the mountain without being blocked by green barriers.