To start the Check on the Jawa Settlement Rumor in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, the player must first complete the main walkthrough mission “Locate Brother Armias.

After this, on their third visit to Koboh, they must talk to a prospector near the front entrance of Pyloon’s Saloon. The prospector will mention that the Jawas have been quiet, prompting Cal to go check on them. This opens up the rumor.

How to Start the Check on The Jawa Settlement Rumor

Jawa Rumor In Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Jawa Rumor In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

The player must then make their way to the Bygone Settlement Meditation Point and follow the path to the Jawa Settlement. It is located past the Bedlam Raiders and involves some platforming and utilizing force powers such as force dash and force pull.

Once there, the player must defeat raiders and free the Jawas to complete the rumor and receive rewards such as skill point essence and collectibles.

Progression Required to Unlock the AirDash Ability

To fully explore the Jawa Settlement in Koboh players must progress enough in the main story to unlock the ability to Air Dash. This ability is granted during the player’s second visit to Jedha. Without this ability, players won’t be able to reach certain areas and collectibles in the settlement. 

It is important to note that the ability to dash is not necessary to explore the settlement, but it does make it easier. As players progress through the game and collect Force Essences, they will unlock new abilities and upgrades that will help them in their exploration and battles.

Finding the Jawa Settlement

To find the Jawa Settlement players need to fast-travel to the Bygone Settlement Meditation Point on Koboh. From there, they should leap to the wall on their right and climb to the ceiling, where they can grab onto the grate overhead and swing to the next platform.

Crossing the bridge on the left, players can use Force Push to move the barrier blocking the way forward. They can then run across it to reach the climbable grate on the cylindrical building ahead. After reaching the wooden walkway, players can drop to the platform below and interact with the zip line to create a shortcut back to the Bygone Settlement Meditation Point.

This shortcut will be useful if players fall into the valley below while searching for the Jawa Settlement. Climbing back onto the walkway, players can use Force Dash through the steam coming from the vent to reach the next climbable grate.

Location of the Jawa Settlement in Koboh

The Jawa Settlement is located at the far end of Bilemaw Den in the Basalt Forest. To get there, players must turn left past the stables from the Saloon, cross the river at the metal bridge, and follow the path leading up the slope with flowing water. However, to walk up there, players would need a Nekko mount.

The settlement can be visited pretty early on in the game, but players will need to progress enough in the main story to unlock the ability to dash in the air. This ability is granted to players during their second visit to Jedha. Once players reach the settlement, there are a variety of collectibles to find and a Skill Point Essence to obtain.

Talking to the Prospector in the Koboh Rambler’s Reach Outpost

Talk to the prospector outside of Pyloons Saloon in the Koboh Rambler’s Reach Outpost. He will give players the Check on the Jawa Settlement rumor,. The prospector will mention that the settlement has gone quiet, prompting players to explore it.

It’s recommended that players talk to him to fully immerse themselves in the story. The NPC is easily recognizable, as he wears what looks like a large bowl on his head and hangs around outside the Saloon. This encounter happens at a specific moment in the main story progression, right after the mission to save Zee on the Lucrehulk ship.

Collectibles and Skill Point Essence in the Jawa Settlement

The Jawa Settlement is home to numerous collectibles and Skill Point Essences that players can acquire. These collectibles include a Priorite Shard which can be used to buy items from Domas Shop, as well as a Swooper blaster cosmetic. It is essential to collect as many Skill Point Essences as possible to fill out the skill trees and make your character stronger.