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Jedi Survivor: Holo Tactics Tulli Guide - 100% Winrate

If you're playing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and trying to beat all eight opponents in Holotactics, defeating Tulli can be a tough challenge. However, with the right strategy and units, you can overcome this task.

Here is a well-organized Holotactics guide on how to defeat Tulli in Holo Tactics. What if I said, you only needed 3 different units in the same position every round.

100% win guarantee! Droideka units are overpowered. Read on for the strategy.

Unlock Holotactics Game

Holo Tactics Jedi Survivor Tulli Guide

Before you even attempt to defeat Tulli in Holo tactics, you need to unlock the game first. To accomplish this, you must finish the Locate the Odd Pair side quest on Koboh.

After completing it, go to Pyloons Saloon and speak with Moran. He will inform you about a strange couple he spotted in the Boiling Bluffs at Ramblers Reach.

To find the boiling bluffs, follow the rumor markers on the holomap. After talking to Bhima and Tulli, they'll agree to return to Pyloons Saloon, where you can start playing Holotactics.

Unlock Units for Holotactics

To access units in Jedi: Survivor, you must first defeat them and then instruct BD-1 to examine their remains, thereby unlocking their respective databank entries. Below is a list of straightforward locations to locate and scan each Holotactics unit we will be using:

  • Droideka: Found on Koboh at the Lucrehulk Core fast travel point. Cost: 12 Battle points
  • Raider Grunts: Found on Bogano, Zeffo, and Kashyyyk. Cost: 3 Battle Points
  • Rocket Launcher Trooper:  Found everywhere in the game. Cost: 6 Battle Points

Main Tactics

Now that you have access to different units, you can start building your strategy to defeat Tulli. It's important to note that Tulli has an aggressive playstyle and likes to use explosives. So, it’s crucial to have a defensive strategy that can withstand their attacks. Bear in mind the following recommendations when formulating your strategic plan:

The strategy is quite simple really. Droidekas are incredibly strong if you have some Grunts up front to take the damage for them.

Tulli Strategy Guide

Deploying your units is crucial in Holotactics. It's essential to have a balanced unit composition that can withstand Tulli's attacks.

We will mainly be using Raider Grunts as our front line tanks and the Droidekas as our damage dealers. Here is an effective unit deployment strategy to defeat Tulli in Holotactics:

Wave 1 Strategy

Jedi Survivor Holo Tactics Tulli Wave 1
  • Place 1 Droideka in the back row, top left corner.
  • Place 2 Raider Grunts up front in the middle on square 2 and 4.
  • Place 1 Rocket Launcher Trooper up front in between the two melee grunts.

Wave 2 Strategy

Jedi Survivor Holo Tactics Tulli Wave 2
  • Place 3 Droidekas in the back row in the middle. Separated by a block in between.
  • Place 2 Raider Grunts in the middle of the front row. With a block in between

Wave 3 Strategy

Jedi Survivor Holo Tactics Tulli Wave 3
  • Place 3 Droidekas in the back row in the middle. Separated by a block in between. Same as wave 2.
  • Place 3 Raider Grunts in the front row, one block from the top.

Wave 5 Strategy vs AT-ST Walker

Jedi Survivor Holo Tactics Tulli Wave 4
  • Place 3 Droidekas in the back row in the middle. Separated by a block in between. Same as wave 3.
  • Place 1 Raider Grunt in the very middle of the front row.

Use Timing and Patience

Timing and patience are two key factors that can help you win in Holotactics. Be mindful of Tulli's explosive units and use your units to counter them. Stay focused and do not lose hope, even if you lose in the first or second round to Tulli. Keep observing theirs moves, adapt your strategy, and try again.

By following these steps, you can defeat Tulli in Holotactics in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Keep expanding your unit collection and developing new strategies to master the game. With practice, you can become a champion of Holotactics!