Rick, the Door Technician Jedi Survivor, is a unique individual, a skilled door technician who has mastered the art of fixing, repairing, and installing doors.

We will delve into the fascinating story of Rick and understand what makes him stand out from the rest. Get ready to be inspired as we take you on a journey into the incredible life of Rick.

Ricks Location

Rick the Door Technician is a secret boss that is found in the Imperial Post 8L-005 on Nova Garon.

Nova Garon

To find him, shock an electric motor to close a doorway that can be wall-run upon, leading to a new room. Here, you’ll find a Stormtrooper at the end of the corridor, with a chasm separating you from him.

As soon as Rick is spotted, the confrontation begins. Although he is meant to be a joke boss, he still counts towards the game’s completion and boss list.

How to Beat Rick

Jedi Survivor Rick The Door Technician Boss Fight Location
Jedi Survivor Rick The Door Technician Boss Fight Location

To defeat Rick the Door Technician in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, head to the Imperial Post 8L-005 on Nova Garon. Activate the electric motor to shut a door that can be climbed on the wall in order to reach the ramp on the other side. Instruct BD-1 to cut the lock controls of the door in order to gain access to a different room. 

Here, face Rick, who is intimately recognizable as a soldier of the Galactic Empire.

He wields an electric baton in his hand, which he uses to rush towards the player. It’s important to note that this is a joke boss fight.

A single swing of the lightsaber or Force ability will wipe out Rick’s health bar in one go. Therefore, it is not a real boss fight and does not offer any rewards for players besides a good laugh.

Rick’s Health Bar and Animation

Rick is a humorous secret boss in Star Wars Jedi Survivor that adds an amusing twist to the game’s serious boss fights.

Rick seems to lack strength and poses no real threat to the players. However, he still has a boss health bar and an on-screen animation that reads “Rick the Door Technician: Boss Defeated.”

Defeating Rick may not earn players any reward, but it is an enjoyable and funny moment that players will remember for a long time.

Respawn Entertainment’s Funny Joke

Respawn Entertainment’s game features a range of challenging boss fights for players to overcome. One of the most hilarious ones is Rick. Despite being a non-challenging boss, Rick the Door Technician has gained a cult following among players due to his humor and unconventional nature.

The game’s attention to detail in creating comedic moments, even with minor characters, has made it a weirdly funny experience overall.