If you’re a player of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you know that perks can make all the difference during gameplay. Among the various perks available in the game, the Purity Perk is a particularly useful one that can be obtained in New Game Plus mode.

This is how to get the Purity Perk and what it can do for your character.

What is the Purity Perk?

Purity Perk Jedi Survivor
Purity Perk Jedi Survivor

The Purity Perk in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is an exclusive perk that provides a massive increase in Weapon Damage for both Friends and Foes. It does not consume a perk slot or cost anything to equip. Can be used in any combination of other perk available in the game.

Finding unique playstyle combinations give a new playthrough some added freshness. Feeling like true a Jedi. Lightsabers now kill enemies in 1 or 2 strikes. But it goes both ways. Red attacks that must be dodged will instantly kill Cal.

Having this equipped is the closest thing players can get to a Star Wars Jedi experience. Those weaker, unassuming enemies are now a legitimate threat. Cal is able to 3 hit kill Bosses and finish duels much faster. It is a Light Saber after all, right? So get your Edgehawk. Paired with the Double Bladed stance ready.

How to get the Purity Perk

Getting the Purity Perk is very straight forward. Complete the following steps:

Start a New Game Plus Save File

You first need to start a New Journey in New Game Plus mode. This means that you must have already completed the main story and unlocked New Game Plus mode to access this perk. Once you’ve done so, you can start a new game in this mode and move on to the next step.

Go to a Meditation Circle

In New Game Plus mode, go to a Meditation Circle and access the perk’s menu located on the left side of the screen. From here, you can choose the Purity Perk and add it to your available perks for Cal.

Equip The Perk

By equipping the Purity Perk, you’ll be able to increase the damage dealt by Cal, companions, and enemies. This equalizes the damage output of all characters involved in combat, making for a more challenging and engaging experience. The Purity Perk is ideal for players who want a greater challenge and will help make your gameplay experience more varied and exciting.