If you are a fan of strategy games and enjoy exploring different tactics to survive in a challenging game environment, then the Holo Tactics Guide Jedi Survivor is just what you need. This guide is packed with in-depth tips, tricks, and strategies to help you dominate at the Pyloon Saloon.

What is Holo Tactics in Jedi Survivor?

Holotactics is a holographic strategy mini-game available in Pyloon’s Saloon on planet Koboh in Jedi Survivor. To unlock Holotactics, players must first defeat the Mogu enemies during a side quest, then speak with Bhima and Tulli in Pyloon’s Saloon.

Once unlocked, players can select opponents and face off against them over a series of waves. To win, players must choose and place their units strategically to defeat the opponent’s units.

How to Unlock More Units in Holo tactics?

Holo Tactics Jedi Survivor Unlock Units

To grow your Holo tactics unit collection, just beat foes in the main game and get BD-1 to scan ’em. This means that you should make an effort to scan every enemy you come across to unlock more units.

As you progress through the story, more units will become available for use in the mini-game. The next time you engage with the game table, any newly added units will be showcased. 

To maximize your options, it’s essential to defeat a variety of enemies and scan them with BD-1. This will give you access to units from different factions, providing a more diverse range of options for strategy in each match.

Keep scanning and defeating enemies to expand your unit pool and become a master at Holotactics!

Game Mechanics: Battle Points and Unit Placement

When playing Holotactics in Jedi: Survivor, Initially, you will begin with a restricted amount of Battle Points.  You can place up to ten units, with a maximum of five in the front and five in the back.

It is advisable to position ranged units at the rear to avoid them being the primary target of melee adversaries. 

Battle Points are also used for wave-based battles against opponents, with the amount of Battle Points increasing as you progress to fight the stronger opponents. If you have any Battle Points remaining after winning a round, they will carry over into the next round, allowing you to purchase more units or more powerful ones.

To expand your list of units, you’ll need to defeat them in the Jedi: Survivor campaign and have them scanned by BD-1. Next time you mess with the Holotactics table, you’ll see some fresh new units in the game! 

Guide for Winning in Holotactics

To dominate in Holotactics, you’ll need to utilize the right strategies and tactics. Here are some tips to help you become the ultimate Jedi survivor:

  1. Use ranged units to stay out of melee range and avoid taking damage from melee units.
  2. Prioritize defending your units with higher health points to keep them alive longer.
  3. Utilize healing units to keep your fighters healthy throughout the match.
  4. Consider the faction advantages and disadvantages when choosing which units to use against different opponents.
  5. Use Battle Points wisely, saving them for stronger units in later waves.
  6. Experiment with different unit combinations to find the strategy that works best for you.


Holo Tactics Jedi Survivor Turgle Guide
Holo Tactics Jedi Survivor Turgle Guide

To defeat Turgle in Holotactics, start with two Scout Troopers in Wave 1. Use the six Battle Points available wisely, as you’ll have a limited pool of units. For Wave 2, place two Heavy Assault Troopers and a Scout Trooper in front.

Defeat Turgle to gain a Priorite Shard. You can expand your options by scanning and defeating more enemies in the main game.


Holo Tactics Jedi Survivor Greez Guide
Holo Tactics Jedi Survivor Greez Guide

In order to defeat Greez in Holotactics, employ a mix of long-range and close combat troops. Utilizing the Droideka is the most effective strategy, as it can effortlessly crush Greez’s forces in every wave, though it requires 12 Battle Points.

Auxiliary units such as B1 Droids and Raider Grunts can divert Greez’s soldiers at the beginning of the fight. Make judicious use of your Battle Points, selecting the most suitable units while minimizing point expenditure. 


Holo Tactics Jedi Survivor Tulakt Guide
Holo Tactics Jedi Survivor Tulakt Guide

In order to defeat Tulakt in Holotactics, employ a mix of close-quarters and long-range units. For the initial wave, utilize the DT Sentry Droid – Hammer and Staff as the main hand-to-hand combatant and a Heavy Assault Trooper for long-range backup.

In the second wave, either maintain the same force as in Wave 1 or opt for the Purge Trooper Commander and Electro Staff Purge Troopers. For the final wave, deploy a single DT Sentry Droid for close combat and a pair of Stormtrooper Commanders for long-range aid. 


Holo Tactics Jedi Survivor Merrin Guide
Holo Tactics Jedi Survivor Merrin Guide

Merrin is one of the toughest opponents in Holotactics. To defeat her, prioritize your ranged units, as Merrin is primarily a melee fighter.

Use your ranged units to focus fire on Merrin and your melee units to distract her. Use units that can withstand her attacks, like the DT Sentry Droid with a hammer. Utilize the map to your advantage, as there is cover that can protect your units from ranged attacks.


Holo Tactics Jedi Survivor Caij Guide
Holo Tactics Jedi Survivor Caij Guide

Cajis can be a challenging opponent to beat in Holotactics. Focus on using units from the Empire faction, as Caji’s units tend to be weak against them.

Prioritize taking out Caji’s units with high damage output, like the KX-series droid. Conserve Battle Points for critical turns and use them strategically.


Holo Tactics Jedi Survivor Skoova Guide
Holo Tactics Jedi Survivor Skoova Guide

One of the tougher opponents is Skoova, but with the right strategy, players can come out on top and earn a valuable Priorite Shard prize. Here’s how to do it:

Wave 1

Initiate Wave 1 by deploying two Heavy Assault Troopers and a pair of Stormtroopers. Position the Heavy Assault Troopers at the forefront while situating the Stormtroopers at the rear to inflict damage from a distance. 

Wave 2

In Wave 2, focus on taking out Skoova’s Droideka as soon as possible. Use Rocket Troopers to deal damage, and place a DT Sentry Droid for extra support.

Wave 3

Finally, in Wave 3, use a combination of Rocket Troopers and Heavy Assault Troopers. Place the Heavy Assault Troopers in the front to draw fire and deal close combat damage, while the Rocket Troopers deal ranged damage from the back.


With these tips, players should be able to defeat Skoova and earn the valuable Priorite Shard prize. Keep practicing and refining your tactics to achieve victory in all of Holotactics’ challenging battles.

Beating T-1N8

Holo Tactics Jedi Survivor T-1N8 Guide
Holo Tactics Jedi Survivor T 1N8 Guide

To beat T-1N8 in Holotactics, players should use a good mix of units and tactics. Ranged units in the back row, such as Stormtroopers or Imperial Purge Troopers, can prevent T-1N8’s melee units from attacking them first. Additionally, placing melee units in the front row can draw T-1N8’s attention away from your ranged units.

Consider using B1 Droid Melees as a shield while attacking with more powerful units. DT Sentry Droids and Skritons are also effective for taking down T-1N8’s units quickly.

With the right strategy and a bit of patience, players should have no problem beating T-1N8 in Holotactics and collecting their reward.

Beating Tulli

Holo Tactics Jedi Survivor Tulli Guide
Holo Tactics Jedi Survivor Tulli Guide

To beat Tulli in Holotactics, players can use a combination of ranged and melee units.

Wave 1

In the first wave, Tulli will use two Stormtroopers and a Scout Trooper, so the player can place two Melee B1 Battle Droids in the front row and two Stormtroopers and two Melee B1 Battleroids in the back.

Wave 2

In the second wave, Tulli will have two Heavy Assault Troopers and two Scout Troopers. The player should add two more Heavy Assault Troopers in the back row and two more Scout Troopers and two more Melee B1 Battle Droids in the front row.

With this setup, the player can take out Tulli’s forces and win the challenge.

In conclusion, with the right combination of units and tactics, players can defeat even the toughest opponents in Jedi Survivor Holotactics and earn valuable rewards. Keep practicing and refining your strategies to become a Holotactics master.