What are Rumors in Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, rumors are optional objectives that players can choose to pick up and complete. They are like side quests that guide players to interesting areas. The rumors can vary in difficulty, and some require the player to solve puzzles or fight enemies.

These objectives can be obtained by talking to various NPCs in the game, and they usually offer rewards such as items or recruits. Players are not required to complete these optional objectives, but they offer an additional layer of exploration and adventure to the game.

Picking up the Rumor to Investigate the Abandoned Shack

Jedi Survivor Foothill Falls Health Stim Location
Jedi Survivor Foothill Falls Health Stim Location

One of these rumors is to Investigate the Abandoned Shack objective, which can be acquired by talking to the Prospector in the stables of the Rambler’s Reach Outpost. This rumor involves finding a Health Stim Upgrade in the Abandoned Shack located in Foothill Falls.

The player must ride a mount, create a shortcut, defeat some enemies, and destroy a wall to gain access to the abandoned shack and complete the objective. By picking up rumors like these, players can experience even more of the vast and exciting galaxy in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

How to Get to the Abandoned Shack

To get to the Abandoned Shack in Foothill Falls, first speak to the man in the stables after completing the forest story section to obtain the Investigate the Abandoned Shack rumor. Upon arriving in Foothill Falls, players must follow the path north from Pyloon’s Saloon and take the left path at the intersection.

After crossing a gap, players will find the shack guarded by raiders. After dealing with the raiders, players can explore the shack and remove a wall with the Force to access a lower level. To reach the upper ledge of the lower level, players can use the Nekko mount found nearby to jump up and run on the wall.

Finding the Health Stim in the Abandoned Shack

Find the Health Stim upgrade by Force Pulling the door to access the blocked interior door where the Health Stim is located. Additionally, the player can activate a metal post to create a shortcut.

Recruit Skoova the Fisherman

Recruit Skoova, the mysterious fisherman, to your team. To find Skoova, players should head to Foothill Falls and look for a boat with him sitting on top of it near the edge of the area. After interacting with him and finishing his dialogue, players can recruit him to Pyloons Saloon, unlocking a series of interesting features going forward.

Skoova also provides players with the See Fish item, which can be used in conjunction with the aquarium at Pyloons Saloon.

Phon’Qi Caverns and Recruiting T-1N8

Phon’Qi Caverns located in Foothill Falls features the ability to recruit T-1N8, a helpful droid, while exploring the caverns. To get to T-1N8, players must remove a metal blockade with the Force and navigate through a tight passage. Once found, T-1N8 offers assistance in combat and exploration.

The caverns themselves offer several challenges, including defeating BX Droids and a menacing Rancor. Players can also encounter Prince Patren and receive valuable information. With careful exploration and utilizing T-1N8’s abilities, players can complete the caverns and receive a Chests Map Upgrade.

The Nekko Mount and Child’s Hideaway Databank Entry

Obtain the Nekko mount and discover the Child’s Hideaway Databank entry in the Foothill Falls area. By taking the narrow corridor to the left of the metal construct, players can reach the end and pick up the Nekko mount. With this mount, players have the ability to jump and access higher areas, including a hidden location called the Child’s Hideaway.

By scanning an object next to the water puddle on the left side, players can unlock the Databank entry. This optional objective is a great opportunity for exploration and adds to the overall completion stat for the zone.