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Jedi Survivor: All 12 Aquarium Fish Locations

If you're a Star Wars fan, you must have heard about the Jedi survivor fish. These are rare fish that live in some of the most remote and dangerous locations in the galaxy, and their meat is known to be a delicacy.

But where exactly can they be found? In this blog, we'll explore some of the known locations where Jedi survivor fish can be caught, and what makes them such a prized catch among Star Wars enthusiasts.

Whether you're an avid angler or simply curious about the unique creatures of the Star Wars universe, keep reading to learn more.

How to Find All 12 Aquarium Fish in Jedi Survivor

Jedi Survivor All Fish Locations

To find all 12 aquarium fish in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, players first need to recruit Skoova Stev near Ramblers Reach.

Many fish can be found relatively close to the main story, making it wise to recruit Skoova early on. Skoova won't provide the exact location for all 12 fish, but he can be found parked by most major ponds and water sources.

The list of fish has been ordered based on when they can be caught, beginning with the See Fish found in Foothill Falls and concluding with the Viscid Lurker in the Phon'Qi Caverns.

See Fish

Jedi Survivor See Fish Location

It can be found in Foothill Falls, where Skoova Stev can also be recruited. After talking to Skoova, he will provide the details on how to locate and catch the See Fish.

This fish is fairly easy to find and is located in the same spot where players first met Skoova. Once caught, players can add it to the aquarium located in the Pyloon Saloon.

Fingertip Garpon

Jedi Survivor Fingertip Garpon Location

Fingertip Garpon can be found in Ramblers Reach Outpost on Koboh. It can be caught near the river that runs through the outpost. Skoova will be parked by a large building near the river.

It is easily spotted, and recruiting Skoova is highly recommended when arriving on Koboh. Once caught, this fish can be added to the aquarium at Pyloons Saloon for the achievement/trophy Skoova Diving.

Barbed Hookfish

Jedi Survivor Barbed Hookfish Location

The Barbed Hookfish can be found in the Smugglers Tunnels on Koboh, which is located beneath Pyloons Saloon in the Ramblers Reach Outpost.

To access the area, players must navigate through the tunnels and find the green force field wall. Once through the wall, Skoova Stev can be found in the water below and will reward players with the Barbed Hookfish for their aquarium.

Frilled Newt

Jedi Survivor Frilled Newt Location

Frilled Newt can be found and caught by traveling to the Gorge Crash Site Meditation Site on Koboh and take the path to the left of the person sitting around the fire.

Skoova Stev, the master fisherman, will be sitting in his boat near the water. After having a conversation with him, players will receive the Frilled Newt fish. This fish is one of the easier ones to find in the game.

Blue-Finned Crayfish

Jedi Survivor Blue Finned Crayfish Location

Skoova Stev retrieves this fish on the edge of the Bygone Settlement. To find it, players must fast travel to the Nekko Pools Meditation Point and mount a nearby Nekko.

Then, they must climb up the long slippery slope to the right and move through the gate in front of them to meet Skoova near a small pool of water.

Big Mouth Faa

Jedi Survivor Big Mouth Faa Location

The Big Mouth Faa, can be found in the Kdoah Nursery on Jedha. To reach this location, players will need to travel to the Save Point in the area and then head to the right.

Skoova Stev can be found near the water, and he will provide players with the Big Mouth Faa fish. This fish has a distinctive long nose, flared fins, and a mouth that takes up almost its entire face.

Blinding Ray Fish

Jedi Survivor Blinding Ray Fish Location

The Blinding Ray Fish is found and caught across the planets of Koboh and Jedha. It can be located at the Devastated Settlement Meditation Point in Koboh. Skoova can be found on top of a pillar with the only body of water.

Players are advised to jump onto the Relter creature and fly upwards using the gusts of winds coming out of the pillars with the purple beams of light to reach the location.


Jedi Survivor Snakefish Location

The Snakefish is located in the Pyloon Saloon cantina. To find the Snakefish, players must travel to the Anchorite Base Meditation Point on Jedha. Skoova Stev can be found in an area with a small pond, and players can catch the Snakefish from there.

Fantailed Laa

Jedi Survivor Fantailed Laa Location

The Fantailed Laa is located in the Desert Wastes on the planet Jedha. To find this fish, Cal will need to climb up the scarred rock formations behind the Kujet Platform.

Once you reach the top, head towards the right and you will eventually find Skoova Stev sitting on top of a large rock formation. The Fantailed Laa can be found in the pond below Skoova. Be careful not to scare it away when jumping down to catch it.

Mee Fish

Jedi Survivor Mee Fish Location

The Mee Fish can be found in the Sebiris Basin region of the map, specifically in the northern section of the swamp. It is a yellow and black striped fish that is approximately the size of the player's hand.

To catch the Mee Fish, players can use any type of bait and wait patiently for it to bite.


Jedi Survivor Glottsamcrab Location

The Glottsamcrab is found on Jedha at the Catacombs Meditation Point. From there, head into the cave and defeat the enemies until you reach a body of water.

Skoova Stev will be fishing in the water, and after speaking with him, he will give Cal the Glottsamcrab. It is important to note that the Catacombs can only be accessed after obtaining the Jedi Flip ability.

Viscid Lurker

Jedi Survivor Viscid Lurker Location

The Viscid Lurker is be found in the Phon’Qi Caverns on Koboh in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. It requires ascending deep into the caverns and going past the orange puffer acid enemies to reach a small pond where Skoova Stev will be relaxing.

The Viscid Lurker fish can be caught here. Skoova does not provide the exact location of all twelve fish, but he can be found by major ponds and water sources.