Let’s take a closer look at the Viper Probe Droid in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Where are Viper Probe Droids Located

Viper Probe Droid Location Jedi Survivor
Viper Probe Droid Location Jedi Survivor

In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Viper Probe Droids can be found in various locations such as Nova Garon, Koboh, and the Crypt of Uhrma.

Highly agile, it’s recommended to use ranged attacks or Force powers to manage their movement and to look for opportunities to use their own grenades against them.

Head to Nova Garon

Nova Garon Viper Probe Droid Location 1
Nova Garon Viper Probe Droid Location 1

We recommend you head to Nova Garon for this scan. Once arriving, head through the hexagonal door in front of you. GO straight until you reach an elevator. Head down the elevator and take a right up the ramp. This next room has multiple enemies.

Nova Garon Viper Probe Droid Location 2
Nova Garon Viper Probe Droid Location 2

A KX Security Droid will rush you, while a flying Viper Probe Droid shoots at you and Storm Troopers spam rocket launchers. Defeat the other enemies and save Probe droid for last. Use your force pull and throw it against the wall to stun it. One more slam will kill the droid. Now ask BD-1 to scan it.

Scanning Viper Probe Droids

To scan a Viper Probe Droids, approach and kill it, and BD-1 will suggest you scan it with D-Pad Down. Scanning the enemy immediately adds it to the Tactical Guide, accessible through the Options Menu.

Scan Not Working Fix

If BD-1 does not want to scan the droid after defeating it, you can manually scan it yourself. Use BD-1 as binoculars and look at the droid. This will perform a manual scan of the probe. This will count towards the achievement and also woks for any other enemies you defeat in the game.

What are Viper Probe Droids

Viper Probe Droids are enemies in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, part of the Galactic Empire faction. These droids are equipped with grenade launchers, which can make them a difficult opponent.

Viper Probe Droids were originally manufactured for deep exploration and reconnaissance, and were later used by the Empire to search for Rebel bases.

Reconnaissance and Intelligence missions

As a member of the Galactic Empire, the Viper probe droid was a useful tool in reconnaissance and intelligence missions. Equipped with advanced data-gathering equipment, this droid was capable of detecting motion, acoustic, sonic, seismic, and radiation.

Its high-resolution receivers and sensors cover the domed head, which allows it to determine an atmosphere class within a half-hour. The Viper probe droid could move at a speed of up to 40 km/h and deploy from custom-built shuttles. Its lightweight design allows it to navigate almost any terrain while gathering samples and data.

Communication Methods

One interesting feature of the Viper Probe Droids is their communication methods, which they use to exchange information with their counterparts.

Communicating using a secured protocol, making it difficult for their enemies to intercept their messages. Their communication system is critical to their operations, enabling them to share vital information and updates about their target locations.

Role in the Galactic Empire

Their role in the Galactic Empire is to serve as a tool for reconnaissance and intelligence gathering. Equipped with advanced data-gathering apparatus and improved firing rates, programmed to aggressively defend itself when attacked. The outer casing is reinforced, equipped with concussion grenade launchers.

How to Beat Viper Probe Droids

One way to beat Viper Probe Droids in Jedi Survivor is to use attacks or Force powers to manage their movement. Look for opportunities to use their own grenades against them.

These droids are highly agile, so it’s important to be fast and accurate in your attacks. The Imperial viper probe droid is a tough enemy with improved firing rates and reinforced outer casing.