Let’s explore some of the best perks you can expect to find in the game – from the ability to wield a lightsaber to the power to control the elements. So, let’s dive in and take a closer look at the top perks every Jedi survivor should know about.

Importance of Perks in Jedi Survivor

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Best Perks Ranked
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Best Perks Ranked

Perks are an essential part of the gameplay experience in as they offer various benefits to players. They range from increased damage to life regeneration and even cosmetic changes. With the game’s emphasis on combat and exploration, choosing the right perks for each playthrough is crucial.

Players can choose from perks such as the Gambler, Wisdom, and Versatility perks to tailor their gameplay experience. The numerous perks available give players the opportunity to make Cal Kestis a formidable and versatile Jedi.

1. Gambler Perk for XP Farming

The Gambler Perk is a great choice for farming enemies in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. While it takes up four perk slots, the perk greatly boosts experience earned. However, players will need to be cautious as there is a major caveat: lost XP cannot be recovered if the player dies.

It is best used when facing easy enemies close to meditation points for easy respawning. The Gambler Perk can be found on the planet Jedha after completing the Crypt of Urhma.

2. Wisdom Perk for XP Farming

The Wisdom Perk is an excellent choice for players who want to boost their XP points. Equipping this Perk early on in the game increases the amount of XP earned by slaying enemies, especially noticeable against bosses or larger groups of foes.

Players can purchase the Wisdom Perk from Zee at Pyloon’s Saloon after completing a few main missions. This is a helpful Perk to have throughout the game to maximize the leveling process and increase the chances of unlocking new skills and abilities.

3. Shatter Perk for Guard Breaking

The Shatter Perk allows your attacks to break the enemy’s guard more effectively, making them vulnerable to further attacks. It can be found by completing the Rumor mission “Find the Missing Prospectors”.

With the Shatter Perk equipped, players can take down enemies with greater ease, making it an excellent addition to your Perk roster.

4. Dexterity Perk for More Throw Damage

The Dexterity Perk can significantly boost Cal Kestis’ lightsaber throw damage. This Perk is earned after completing the Chamber of Reason, and requires two available perk slots to activate. It works for any type of throw, whether it’s aimed or part of a specific stance.

With Dexterity, Cal’s lightsaber throws deal more damage than usual, making them more effective against enemies.

This Perk is especially useful for players who use the Double-Bladed Stance throws during combat, allowing them to deal more damage with each throw one each enemy while it circles around Cal.

5. Resilience Perk for Longer Block Meter

The Resilience Perk is an essential addition. It increases the player’s block meter value, allowing them to stop incoming enemy attacks for longer periods of time. This is particularly useful for players who prefer a more defensive playstyle, as it helps strengthen their survivability.

The Resilience Perk can be obtained by completing the Chamber of Duality in Koboh’s Smuggler’s Tunnels and is available early on in the game, making it a great option for equipping for longer periods of gameplay.

6. Fortification Perk for Better Life Regeneration

The Fortification Perk is a helpful addition to any build. This perk gradually regenerates a minimum amount of health for the player, making it a lifesaver during encounters with very little health and no healing stims remaining.

Particularly in overwhelming combat sequences with enemies that have blasters, the Fortification Perk is a necessity. While it may not be the most important perk available, it is certainly one of the most beneficial, especially for those who choose a stance that is less defensive and more offensive.

7. Ambidexterity Perk for More Blaster LightSaber Damage

The Ambidexterity Perk is exclusive to the Blaster stance and is a must-have for those who enjoy it. This particular Perk increases lightsaber damage with every Blaster shot fired, providing a lot of potential damage.

The Blaster stance is specifically designed for this type of playstyle, allowing for weaving Blaster shots in between strikes. This Perk can shred through single targets and deal with ranged enemies while focusing on the opponent in front of you.

8. Trendsetter Perk for Stance Switching

The Trendsetter perk is a new addition that rewards players for using different stances in combat. This perk grants a damage boost for each unique saber stance used in a sequence, up to a maximum of three stances.

This encourages players to experiment with different stances and playstyles, making combat more diverse and enjoyable. By incorporating Trendsetter into their gameplay, players can not only deal more damage, but also challenge themselves to try new strategies.

9. Centered Perk for Health Regeneration

The Centered Perk that can be obtained by completing the Tomb of Eilram. It costs two perk slots and allows the player to regenerate Force when they hit an enemy, making it easier to use powerful Force abilities.

This perk is best for players who prefer a more aggressive playstyle, as it encourages them to engage in combat in order to maintain their Force energy. It is a great addition to any Jedi’s arsenal and can make battles much smoother.

10. Versatility Perk for Stance Switch Damage Boost

The Versatility Perk in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor gives a brief damage boost after switching stances, making it useful for players who frequently swap stances mid-combat. This perk complements the situational strength of the various saber stances and encourages players to switch between them for more damage.

It can be particularly helpful during boss fights when weaving combos while swapping stances. While it does not directly buff combat capabilities or damage, the extra damage boost from switching stances can make a significant impact during battles.

11. Persistence Perk for Health Regen with Slow Ability

The Persistence Perk lets the player regenerate a small amount of life for every enemy that is killed while using the Slow ability. This is ideal for players who want to push through fights without using too many stims.

The downside is that it costs two perk slots, which can be limiting for those who want to equip stronger perks. To obtain this perk, players must complete the Chamber of Fortitude.