Are you intrigued by those floating balloons that seem just out of reach in Star Wars Jedi Survivor? You’re not alone! Many players have been curious about these mysterious objects and how they can be utilized during your gameplay.

In this comprehensive guide, we will uncover the secrets of these floating balloons, including how to unlock and use them to aid in exploration, combat mechanics, and more

What are those Floating Yellow Platforms? 

Jedi Survivor Floating Balloon Platforms
Jedi Survivor Floating Balloon Platforms

These balloons are special objects that can be found floating above parts of Jedi Survivor’s planets. On their own, they are completely useless, but they become important later in the game.

They are used to access new areas and paths across the planets you’re exploring. They are also an important part of the game’s platforming mechanics, making the exploration of the Star Wars universe more enjoyable. 

Required Abilities

Here are the abilities needed to use the balloon platforms:

Grappling Hook

Before we dive into the floating balloons, let’s talk about the grappling hook—also known as the ascension cable. This vital ability is acquired early on in the campaign and will play an essential role in traversing countless grapple points across various areas and zones.

The grappling hook is activated by pressing the ‘E’ key when prompted, and mastering your acrobatic skills will be crucial to navigate through intricate sections of the game.

Upgraded Ascension Cable

The upgraded ascension cable is what you need to interact with those floating balloons. Fortunately, you’ll automatically obtain this tool as you progress through the main storyline. To find the upgraded ascension cable, you need to travel to the Shattered Moon and watch a cutscene with Santari and Dagan.

Specifically in Chapter 5.1, where Cal finds the part he needs to make it in the Republic Research Laboratory on the Shattered Moon. Once you have the device, you can use it to latch onto the floating balloons and leap off for a significant aerial boost.