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Jedi Survivor: Get All 4 Edgehawk Lightsaber Pieces

Character customization is an important aspect of the player experience, and Jedi Survivor offers a wide range of customization options for your lightsaber. From different colors to varied components, you can make your lightsaber unique to your fighting style and design preferences.

The Edgehawk lightsaber is one such customization option that can be found by scavenging for parts in the Water Treatment Works on the planet Koboh. To access these parts, you need to unlock the Force Dash Slam and Lift abilities for Cal. 

Required Abilities: Lift and Slam with Air Dash

You won't be able to access and explore this area until Cal has gained both the Air Dash along with the Lift and Slam abilities during the game's main story progression.

Edgehawk Lightsaber Set

Jedi Survivor Edgehawk Lightsaber Set Location

If you're a Star Wars Jedi: Survivor player, you know how essential it is to have a personalized lightsaber that suits your fighting style.

The Edgehawk Lightsaber Set is a perfect choice for those looking for style and great damage output. The components are quite easy to collect, and the reward is well worth the hunt.

Emitter Location

Jedi Survivor Edgehawk Emitter Locations

Head to the underground Water Treatment Works on the planet of Koboh

Fight off any hostile wildlife and continue until you reach a wider open industrial area with a red button panel. Once you've unlocked these abilities, head straight from the entrance and take the first left in the tunnels. After jumping upwards and defeating more enemies, head up the stairway and use the wall to reach the other side.

Turn right into a narrowing hallway where you'll find the Grip in a chest at the very end. Head back out of the hallway and look for an alcove that Cal can reach by jumping and using the Force Dash in midair. The Edgehawk Emitter is located in a chest at the back of this alcove.

Switch Location

Jedi Survivor Edgehawk Switch Location

Make your way to the underground entrance of the Water Plant with the round blue door. Force Pull it open and drop down. Slash through metal wires blocking the path and head straight until you reach an intersection.

Take the path on the right and follow it until you come across a dimly lit area with some metal crates and a Chest. Open it to retrieve the Switch. With this piece in your possession, you're one step closer to customizing your lightsaber to your liking.

Grip Location

Jedi Survivor Edgehawk Grip Location

The Edgehawk Grip can also be found in the Water Treatment Works. Head towards the blocked circular entryway, Force Push the rubble blocking the way, and go straight through another circular entryway. You’ll enter an area with a circular metal door. Look to its left to find a Chest.

To make it easier for you, we recommend tracing your way back from the blocked circular entryway to the Detachment Switch and Grip locations. Force Push the rubble blocking the way and go through the circular entryway to reach the area with the circular metal door.

This way, you can collect both the Detachment Switch and Grip from Sister Task in the Archives on Jedha, and then grab the Grip while you're already in the Water Treatment Works Area.

Pommel Location

Jedi Survivor Edgehawk Pommel Location

To complete your Edgehawk Lightsaber set, you need to find the Pommel attachment. Unfortunately, it's not located in the Water Treatment Works like the other three attachments. Don't worry, it's still on Koboh, but at the Rambler's Reach Outpost.

To get it, head to Pyloon's Saloon, which is near the outpost. Climb to the top of the tower on the terrace and jump across to the other cliff. Once you've made it to the other side, you'll see a locked barrel. Use your Force Lift and Slam ability to break the barrel and get the Pommel attachment.

It's that easy! With all four attachments in your hands, your Edgehawk Lightsaber will be complete and ready for action.