In Star Wars Jedi Survivor you’ll need to do more than just fight with your weapon – you’ll also need to master the art of the lift slam to survive.

We’re going to delve deeper into the lift slam and how it can take your gameplay to the next level. 

How to Unlock Lift and Slam Ability in Jedi Survivor

How To Unlock Lift And Slam In Star Wars Jedi Survivor
How To Unlock Lift And Slam In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

To unlock the Lift and Slam Ability in Jedi Survivor, you need to reach Chapter 4 of the game. During the mission to rescue Zee from the Lucrehulk, you will be with Bode, who will open all the doors. After he splits up, you must traverse through the yurt barracks alone until you confront Rayvis and a cutscene ensues.

The path to the basement of the barracks will open, where you will find a door with two shielded turrets firing at you. You will get the Lift and Slam Ability after a flashback, and you can use it on the shielded turrets to destroy them and lift the guarded door.

Combat Uses

You’ll definitely want to use the Lift and Slam ability during combat. This powerful move allows you to lift enemies into the air and slam them down, dealing significant damage and taking them out of the fight quickly. It’s especially effective against shielded enemies and can be used to break through their defenses.

Additionally, the Lift and Slam ability can be used to clear out groups of enemies by throwing them into each other. It’s a great way to take down multiple foes at once and turn the tide of a battle in your favor.

Environmental Uses

You can effectively use the Lift and Slam ability not only in combat but also in solving environmental puzzles on different planets like Koboh. Aside from slamming enemies into the ground, you can lift heavy objects out of your way or pick up items that are stuck in challenging terrains.

For example, you can use Lift and Slam to extract a craft that got stuck in tar on Koboh, earning you the There is NO Try trophy. With this ability, you can also lift guarded doors or heavy barriers that are blocking your path, making it easier for you to explore and progress in the game.

Upgrade Options for Lift and Slam Ability

Once you have unlocked Lift and Slam ability in Jedi Survivor, you can upgrade it further for better use. Here are some upgrade options for this ability:

  • Upgrade 1 allows you to lift and slam more enemies at once
  • Upgrade 2 increases the duration of the lift
  • Upgrade 3 increases the damage dealt by the slam

If you obtain all upgrades, you can use Lift and Slam on the heavy machinery, including AT-STs and other large vehicles, even during their attacks.

Lift and Slam Not working?

If you find yourself felling like the ability is broken or not working correctly, it’s because you’re probably just taping the buttons. To correctly use the Lift and Slam, you must hold both buttons down at the same time.