There is a NEW Fortnite Harpoon Gun that was silently released this Tuesday. Previously leaked in a data mine but is now actually in the game. It is believed that the assets were placed in the v11.10 Fortnitemares patch and now players can access it in-game.

This is a direct buff over the Fishing Rod. The only downside to the weapon is limited ammo. Once you use up all 10 harpoons the item disappears from players’ inventory. After using it for a couple of matches we noticed it can be used to troll other players. Pulling them off their builds or other high places.

Harpoon Gun Stats

Fortnite Harpoon Gun Stats
Fortnite Harpoon Gun Stats 1

This new weapon is capable of hitting fish and bringing them to you instantly. No more waiting for a fish to bite while our rod floats in the water. These are the stats for the new spear gun in Fortnite.

  • Damage to players – 75.0
  • Damage to structures – 150
  • Magazine Size – 10
  • Reload Time – 1.5s
  • Unique – Pulls other players towards you
  • Rarity – EPIC

The 150 structure damage will allow us to one shot wood full built and brick while it’s being placed. Limiting the ammo to 10 seems like a balancing decision.

Fishing in Fortnite is extremely fast while using the Harpoon Gun. Instantly kills the fish and brings it back to us, consuming ammo in the process. If you miss your target and don’t damage anything you will keep your ammo just like the grapple gun.