This Fortnite Mansion of Power Location Guide is specifically for those that can’t find where to start this challenge or people to play it with. Here’s an Easy Fix! This is required to complete the Creative Curse Challenges to get these time-sensitive rewards.

There are 17 Challenges rewarding a total of 300,000 XP, Spreading Chaos Spray, and 5 different Back Board styles to spice up your outfits. All Curse Challenges need to be done in Creative or Playground mode!

As part of the Fortnitmares 2019 Update giving us more opportunities for free cosmetics and some much-needed XP to level up our Fortnite BattlePass.

Siphon health or Shields from player eliminations in Mansion Of Power.

Creative Curse Challange

Created By: axel-Capek – Free For All with a wicked twist. Drain the power from your foes and be the first to get 5 consecutive eliminations to win the game.

Mansion of Power Location

There are 2 ways to set this up. You can either Play with friends only or join some random lobby on fill. For most people, playing with randoms is the only option we have.

Creative Mode with Friends

Change your destination to Creative Mode. Create a Server if your hosting some friends or join a friend’s server that’s already launched. It is much easier to coordinate this with some of your friends when they are online.

This way you won’t have to actually fight for kills you can just get easy siphon eliminations until everyone completes their challenge.

When you spawn, head up the stairs, and to the right, you will find the portal to the Mansion of Power for the Creative Curse Challenges. You don’t need to actually Eliminate Players INSIDE the Mansion of Power. It is just the title of the place we need to be at.

Playground on Fill Works too

Here is the answer some of you have been looking for. YES, you can join a Playground Session on Fill before entering the Mansion Of Power to populate the match. You might have to leave the match and rejoin another one a couple of times. But the location is the same!

For those of us that do not have friends online or simply want to get it done quicker without sending invites.

No Players In Game Solution

If there are no players in your game, the fix is to join a Playground on fill like stated above. The mansion teleporter should be in the same spot. If it is still not working leave the session and rejoin another playground.

Eventually, you will find a packed lobby. Put on your mic and ask if people are willing to jump in the rift and help you out.

Siphon Not Working

There were posts about siphon not working in this particular game mode. You would get a kill but no health or shield would return to you. This has been patched in a hotfix and should now be working.

We hope this guide helped you. Here are more Fortnite Guides about new challenges, some news, and updates!