Here are the Fortnite Fire Rings Chapter 2 Locations to jump through on a motorboat. Must jump through 3 different flaming rings to complete the challenge in the new weekly Dockyard Deal mission.

We have seen this before with land vehicles and airplanes but this time it’s with boats. Lucky for us motorboats in Fortnite also work on land. Using the boost to scale hills can often save time instead of going in the wrong direction just because the river runs that way.

Here is our other guide showing how to do the Mansion Of Power challenge. Helpful for those who can’t find anyone to play with or the lobby is empty

All Fire Ring Locations

Fortnite Fire Rings Chapter 2
Fortnite Fire Rings Chapter 2 1

The Flaming Rings we need to jump through are mostly located to the southern part of the island. Lazy Lake was the best location for us to drop. It put us right in the middle of all the hoops. To the left of Lazy Lake (6F) is a waterfall. This waterfall not only has a fire ring but also spawns a boat as well!

If you are lucky enough to land there first your golden. Drive north up the river to the next line of rings or head east towards Slurpy Swamp. Hoops are easy to spot this way and are relatively close together.

In conclusion, this Fortnite hoop challenge is extremely fun and easy to complete. I like to think I’m in a Michael Bay movie, while I drive this boat off the side of a cliff into a massive flaming hoop while firing rockets and machine guns. Have fun out there…