Here you will find an all-inclusive Fortnite Cheat Sheet for Challenges in Season 8, Week 10 Battle Pass. Also, don’t forget to use Creator Code: ItsYahBoii360QuickScopeYahMomKhed for a sigh of relief and instantly receive wild child repellent for 24hs.

Fortnite Season 8 Week 10 Challenges Cheat Sheet
Fortnite Season 8 Week 10 Challenges Cheat Sheet

Launch through 3 Flaming Hoops With a Cannon

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All flaming Hoops can be completed within one game if you can get to the next location without being eliminated. These locations are being farmed by other players so do them as quickly as you can.

Harvest Various Material In a Single Game.

Stage 1: Harvest 500 wood in a single match, Stage 2: Harvest 400 Stone in one match, Stage 3: Harvest 300 Metal in one match. Matts good, Farm bad. Your next chest will prob give a grey pistol and some bandies.

Eliminate 3 Opponents at Tilted Towers or The Block.

Shouldn’t have any problem finding people at either location. Bring a squad and set the challenge to party assist for the easy way or go full scrub lord and solo frag.

Deal 500 damage with an infantry rifle or heavy assault rifle.

This is just a random sentence because it doesn’t really matter what I type here, Pick up a rifle, pew, pew, pew. Challenge completed… kappa

Junk Junction treasure Map Signpost Location

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Stage 1: Search the treasure map signpost found in junk Junction. Stage 2: Follow the treasure map signpost in junk Junction. This is a toxic spot to land on when the challenges first come out, as usual.. People are landing here only to farm for eliminations and purposely stopping you from completing the challenge. oof. Feels Bad Man!

Deal damage After using a Volcano Vent

Deal 100 damage within 10 seconds of Landing after using a volcano vent. I did almost all of these challenges in the Avenger LTM. Farming mats to capture the stones for our team and vents are everywhere on the map for easy dmg because most weapons are lock on. I have many skill!

Eliminate an opponent from closer than 5 meters away

Again, Avengers LTM is perfect for this weeks challenges. Getting up close and personal with Thors hammer or slamming the ground with Thanos is so satisfying. (Snaps Fingers)