The Chamber of Reason is one of the Jedi Chambers found in the Basalt Rift of Koboh in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. It is a meditation chamber that requires solving puzzles to progress through and obtain rewards.

In this guide, we will cover how to find the Chamber of Reason location, how to solve its puzzles, and the rewards you can acquire.

How to Find the Chamber of Reason

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber Of Reason
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber Of Reason

To find the Chamber of Reason, head towards the main objective through the Basalt Forest. Follow the sloping path upward at a junction with a Mogu, and you’ll reach a rope to the right of a cliff. Pull the rope to land safely in front of the entrance to the Chamber.

Chamber of Reason Walkthrough and Puzzle Solution Guide

Upon entering the Chamber, slide down to the main floor using the rope in front of you. You’ll see an Orb Amplifier with blue light coming out of it.

Use the Force to take out the Orb and place it in the Amplifier using the Switch behind the track to push it to the far right side to form a bridge. Follow the bridge down to the end and break the wall on the right with the Force to access another Orb that you’ll need.

Use the Force to pick up the second Orb and carry it back to the starting area. Drop it and use the Switch to move the first Orb to the left side to form another bridge. Quickly pick up the second Orb and carry it down to the other side. From this next location, carry the Orb up on the lift at the back and set it in the Amplifier on the next level up.

The bridge forming on the left side fades in and out, so use the Switch to move it to the right so it forms a new pathway. Pull the lever to form the bridge along the left-hand side. Bring the second Orb to the opposite section, then ride the lift to place it on the pedestal here before moving the device to the right to form a new pathway.

Walk across to pick up some Echoes and a Datadisc, then pull the lever to cause the lift and pedestal to rise. This will form the bridge along the upper section of the Chamber. Grab two more Echoes from this section, In Good Time and Secret Meeting, before crossing the last bridge to obtain your reward.


Upon completing the Chamber of Reason, you’ll receive a new perk to add to your rotation of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor perks.

In conclusion, the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Chamber of Reason is a challenging puzzle chamber in the Basalt Rift of Koboh requiring the use of the Force to progress. Follow our guide to successfully complete the puzzles and gain your reward.