Preparing for the Darth Vader fight in Jedi Survivor is crucial if you want to emerge victorious. First and foremost, make sure to rest at the Meditation Point before entering the Archives to save your progress.

This will give you a chance to heal and mentally prepare for the battle ahead. As you approach the fight, brace yourself and remain calm and focused throughout the encounter.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Darth Vader Boss Fight
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Darth Vader Boss Fight

Preparing for the Boss Battle

In terms of tactics, it’s important to remember that the fight with Darth Vader comes in three phases, and he will only get more aggressive as the phases progress. During the fight, you’ll need to take turns being on the offense and defense with Vader. Let him attack you and parry his moves as skillfully as possible.

Damage Warning

Be warned that trying to use Force Push or Pull on Vader will be ineffective as he can easily block it. It is important to be aware of a significant threat posed by Vader, which occurs when he extends his left hand in an attack that cannot be defended against. 

Finally, remember that each phase of the fight will also feature a button mashing event. Make sure to hit that button as quickly and skillfully as you can to deal easy damage to Vader.

First Phase: Analyzing Vader’s Attack Patterns

In the first phase of the Darth Vader fight in Jedi Survivor, it is crucial to alternate between defensive and offensive moves. As Cere, using her experience to parry Vader’s attacks will be easier than it would be for Cal. Using the parry move on Grandmaster Difficulty essentially makes the fight feel like it’s on Jedi Padawan mode.

Neck Grab

It is important to note that using Force Push or Pull on Vader is futile, as he will block it with the Force. One key move to watch out for is when Vader sticks out his left hand during an unblockable attack. If not dodged successfully to the sides, he will grab the player’s neck, resulting in instant death on Grand master Difficulty.


Being too aggressive at the start of the battle will cause Vader to go straight for the neck choke, so patience is crucial. Before the player can attack Vader, he typically launches three or four consecutive attacks. 

 It is best to dodge backward to avoid his unblockable moves, and after his combos, attack him three to four times before going back on the defensive.

Parry over Block

Parrying blows instead of blocking them will stun Vader and result in damage to his stamina bar, so try to utilize this move as much as possible but be careful not to miss as it can leave players vulnerable. Players can also take advantage of their speed advantage, since Vader is grounded and slow in each phase. Lastly, a button mashing event can be triggered in each phase, which players should not miss as it helps them to deal some damage to Vader.

Second Phase: Utilizing Force Abilities and Combos

In the second phase of the Darth Vader fight, players will need to be prepared for a more aggressive opponent who uses more Force Powers during combat. One of the major attacks to watch out for is when Vader throws debris at you, as it can be a one-hit kill on Grand master difficulty.

Counter Force Push

The best way to avoid this attack is by dodging to the side or by using Force Push to deflect it back at Vader. However, players should only attempt this move if they are skilled and have quick reflexes. Additionally, Vader will use his Saber Throw move more often in this phase, making it vital to parry this attack to damage his stamina bar.

Dodge and Counter

In case the lightsaber attack lands on you, make sure to move sideways to evade it. Furthermore, players could come across situations where Vader attempts to push or pull them, but they can turn it into an advantage by deflecting his strikes and exhausting his energy bar to cause notable harm. 

Third Phase: Taking on Darth Vader’s Unrelenting Assault

The final phase of the Darth Vader fight is the most challenging of all. He’ll start using more aggressive and powerful attacks, and his Force Powers will be even more intense. You need to be at your best to take him down.

Lightsaber Slam Shockwave

In this phase, the most critical move of Vader is his signature move, where he rises and slams his lightsaber down, sending a shockwave. This move is unblockable, has a long range, and can deal incredible damage. You must quickly dodge to the side to avoid getting hit.

Neck Grab

Another move you should watch out for is Vader’s Choke, which he’ll use frequently. When he puts out his hand, quickly dodge to avoid getting grabbed. Failing to do so will result in a one-hit kill, and you’ll have to start the fight all over again.

Parry, Attack, Dodge

Throughout the fight, be always on the defensive and wait for opportunities to attack. Parry his blows and try to damage his stamina bar. When his stamina is depleted, you can get some free hits, but be careful not to get greedy or overconfident.

Quick Time Event

Finally, when you’ve dealt enough damage and triggered the final button mashing event, quickly mash that button to finish the fight and earn your well-deserved victory. With this guide, you should be able to take down Darth Vader in Jedi Survivor with ease.