Here is the one-shot kill Resident Evil 3 Raiden weapon. At first glance, you can see the electric current flowing through the glass tube on the top. To the back, it seems like there is a battery or main power source. Equipt with a normal-looking handle and trigger while the front looks like the end of a power strip. Do not let this glorified taser fool you. Packs a serious punch! Nature, you scary…

An Energy weapon developed by Umbrella based on airborne electric phenomena. It possesses great stopping power, but only when targeting enemy weak points.

In Game Description
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Raiden Weapon

The Raiden gun in Resident Evil 3 is a powerful pistol that only deals damage to critical weak spots. The obvious areas area zombie heads and the Nemesis Gas Tank. It comes with Infinite ammo and never needs to reload. Ammo, in this case, is energy.

Electricity flows from the battery at the back, conducting through the tube, then gets magnified by the coils and shot out the barrel. No idea how it actually works. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If you are an expert in Electric Airborn Phenomena (EAP) I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Nicola Tesla would be proud of its construction but disappointed with its use. Jill is saving the world with this pistol but I am sure Umbrella had different plans. If you look at the screenshots below you can see the devastating effect.

Raiden Unlocked

How to unlock RAI-DEN Pistol

To unlock the RAI-DEN pistol, it must be purchased from the in-game shop for 12000P. These points can be earned by completing various challenges called Records. The shop is only available to players who have beat the campaign on any difficulty with Jill and Carlos.

Once unlocked the gun will be placed in your item box. Every new game started and the old save files will be affected. Does this overpowered taser deserve the 12000P price tag?


The electricity this weapon produces behaves strangely. It does absolutely no damage to normal parts of the body, but causes everything else to violently explode! Capable of penetrating multiple weak points, in one shot, on different enemy types.

Energy Ark From Raiden Gun
Energy Ark
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Never Reloads (Charges)
  • One-shot capability
  • Penetrates multiple targets
  • No Damage to the body (non-critical areas)

All these capabilities sound good on paper and feel even better while playing. If your aim is good, this weapon is a serious threat to everything you point towards.


The stats for RAI-DEN are not actually displayed in game. Actually none of them are. Resident Evil 3 describes weapons with generic words such as good stoping power, powerful, and similar adjectives. There is only one way to truly find out the true potential of the weapon. Testing it against some zombies!

Impact Explosion

Damage – 10/10

The damage potential of this weapon is incredible. An impact to the head of any zombie or creature will instantly kill it. Obviously there is one major drawback. We either completely annihilate something or… do absolutely nothing at all! Tis but a scratch!

Range – 9/10

Tried shots from various distances and noticed no damage fall off. Did not test the range in every area of the game. I will update this post when more information is available.

Fire Rate – 3/10

Shoots once every 3 Seconds! Simply put, the fire rate is like the magnum only slower. At the beginning of the video (embedded up top) you can judge it for yourself.


The Raiden pistol compared to other guns in the Resident Evil 3 remake feels extremely powerful when aimed well. The only drawbacks are the slow fire rate and no damage if we miss critical spots. Compared to the Infinite Rocket Launcher it feels like a play toy.