Trying to defeat the Resident Evil 3 White Zombie Pale Heads can be frustrating when using the wrong weapon type. Sometimes they just won’t go down! What’s with that? Here we have a full guide on this albino creature. We can find the best way to defeat them by understanding how they behave behind the scenes.

A unique enemy that poses a minimal threat because of slow movement speed and mediocre damage. Sort of like a regular zombie but tough as nails. Stumbling across the room fixated on biting flesh. Healing past the damage we just dealt feels underwhelming. Let’s fix that! The Raiden Gun can kill everything in one hit.

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White Zombie Pale Heads

These white Pale Head zombies poses a unique ability to separate them from the rest of the odd experiments in Resident Evil. At first glance, you can clearly tell something went wrong. Albino white flesh with pus and deformities covering its body!

Pale Head Zombie Re3

After these abominations take damage it starts to leak smoke out of its body. This is their defense system, regenerating dead tissue to stay alive. Make no mistake, get close and it will rush and lunge for the closes person alive. If you encounter one you have two options:

  1. Dodge and avoid
  2. Attack with the strongest weapon you have ammo for
  3. Leg shot to stun them

I know we said two options but… more is good right? Some places require Jill to only visit one time. So if that’s the case don’t fire a single shot. That is true for every part of the game. Either completely destroy your enemy or avoid them entirely.

How to defeat Pale Heads

The key to defeating White Zombies in Resident Evil 3 is burst damage. Weapons that can destroy them quickly to make their regeneration irrelevant. If we poke them will small arms fire they will heal up during the process. 9mm is basically a huge waste of ammo. Here are the weapons to use in RE3.

.44 Lightning Hawk Magnum

S+ Rating

Magnum firing high-caliber rounds pack a serious punch. Can defeat white zombies in 1 shot to the head on all difficulties! Considered the best weapon in the game for good reason. When you can’t defeat an enemy this is the problem solver. Impact on weak points guarantees max damage.

Acid Rounds

A Rating

Acid rounds against these regenerative zombies seem to counter their ability. 2 shots and they practically melt. Shooting one acid round and switching to the shotgun might save you some ammo if you are in a pinch.

M3 Shotgun

A Rating

M3 12-gauge shotgun pumps out high damage with a decent fire rate. Takes 5 Shots for a kill and even more to the body. This weapon has attachments available to find in the game to boost the Fire Rate, Reload Speed, and Accuracy. It makes a big difference in combat.

G19 Handgun

D Rating

Do you want to waste all your 9mm rounds on some target practice? Because that’s all they will be useful for against these enemies. Only Acid Rounds and magnum headshots are worth it.

Weaponry Authorization Request File

Here is an In-Game document located in the Nest towards the end of Resident Evil 3 describing our new friend. Shedding light on the origins of the experiment gone wrong.

Re3 White Zombie File
File Description

– Dear Dr. Emmerson

I would like to formally request that the weaponry normally reserved for the Bioweapon Synthesis Team be made available for any employees interfacing with the admission and dismissal of test subjects. These test subjects do not present the same levels of danger as our bioweapon products, but I believe that this weaponry authorization is advisable as outlined below. Recently, some test subjects have developed a new mutation granting them very high regrowth abilities.

Our team refers to these specimens as ‘Pale Heads.’ They have been appearing with regularity, but the specific cause has not yet been determined. The astonishing rate at which these Pale Heads regenerate makes it difficult to deliver a lethal blow with standard weaponry. If any sort of system failure were to occur within our facility, we would be woefully underprepared to defend ourselves.

For this reason, I would like to request that high-powered weaponry capable of subduing the Pale Heads be issued to all of our employees working in shipping and processing. This will ensure that, in the event of an emergency, we will be able to quickly eliminate the threat and evacuate safely. Thank you very much for your consideration. Shipping and Processing Manager, Gabrielle Reed