Here is the bizarre Resident Evil 3 Fuggedaboutim Record that you can unlock for some points to use in the shop. At first, it is a secret achievement that shows no hint on how to actually complete this record. Also referred to as “ForgetAboutit” instead. Here is a guide to help you get that Platinum Trophy.

In order to complete this Bonus objective, you must first complete the game on any difficulty to unlock the Store in the main menu. The store allows us to purchase Infinite Rocket Launcher, Damage Coins, Jill Costume, Pouches and other stuff like the Lockpick. These items will be placed in your item box on every playthrough. But first, we must earn points because it can get expensive in there.

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Fuggedaboutim Record

To complete the ForgetAboutIt record we must do it at the very beginning of the game. The helicopter pilot will suggest that we work our way to the roof to give us a lift out of Raccoon City. On our way we find Dario. This dude is panicking. Dario thinks it’s a good idea to hide in the back of a truck next to his warehouse instead of escaping. While not listening to the info that potentially can save his life, he slams the door in our face instead. Don’t walk away

Re3 Darion Safe Place
Darion hiding in a truck

We can now interact with the door and Jill responds a couple of times insisting there is a way out of Raccoon City. He’s not trying to hear it. Dismisses everything Jill has to say. Once we can no longer press the action button on the door. Press start and check your Records. It should be completed! There is no way of knowing what happens to Dario after this incident. This is Resident Evil 3 so maybe a file is somewhere that mentions the story behind this interaction.

It takes place right after finding the pistol on the cop’s lap and climbing under the crazy sign that just fell from the roof.


Exhaust all conversation with Dario.


200 Points

Concept Art: Darios Warehouse

Re3 Darios Warehouse Concept Art
Darios Warehouse

Yeah, it’s a small number of points in comparison to the other records. This is mainly for completionists and cool concept art that gives you an idea of how they built RE3 Remake. Forget About it!

FuggedAboutIt Transcript

A text version of what Jill and Dario say during the scene.

  • Helicopter Pilot: You down there! Get to the parking garage roof!
  • Jill: Parking Garage… Got it.
  • Jill: Sir, are you alright?
  • Dario: Stay back! Can’t come any closer!
  • Jill: Hey, Come on. There’s a helicopter waiting to take you to safety.
  • Dario: What “safety”? I’m not going out there!
  • Jill: The parking garage isn’t far. I can take you there.
  • Dario: The only safe place is here!
  • Jill: Sir, what’s your name? I can’t just leave you behind.
  • Dario: It’s Dario Rosso. And yeah right you just want to steal my safe house! Get your own, missy!
  • Jill: “Missy”? Would you please calm down? I’m a police officer. I’m here to help.
  • Dario: Oh yeah, you’ve been doing a bang-up job. You wanna help? Go handcuff yourself to one of those freaks.
  • Jill: Sir, this is your last chance. No one else is coming for you.
  • Dario: I’m not going anywhere! I’d rather starve to death here than to be eaten by one of those undead monsters. Now leave me alone.