One of the most exciting and impressive moves in Jedi Survivor is the drop kick, a powerful aerial attack that can take out enemies with ease. We’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to dropkick like a Jedi master.

Unlocking the Crossguard lightsaber stance for the dropkick move

How To Drop Kick In Jedi Survivor With Cross Guard Stance
How To Drop Kick In Jedi Survivor With Cross Guard Stance

To unlock the Crossguard lightsaber stance for the drop-kick move in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, players need to beat the game’s third planet, Jedha, and travel to Koboh’s Shattered Moon. There, players need to follow the main story quest of the planet and keep on the main path until they reach an area called the Superstructure Fabricators.

Inside, players will face a crossguard-lightsaber-wielding enemy named Drya Thornne in a boss fight. Defeat Thornne using the Blaster stance during the invisible attack, and a cutscene will play where Cal takes the custom crossguard emitter and unlocks the stance for use.

This stance is the most powerful for dealing heavy damage with each swing, making it an excellent choice for use with the dropkick move.

Dropkick Mullet Road House Achievement

I learned that using the dropkick in combination with the mullet can unlock the Road House achievement. The dropkick move is easy to execute and can be performed by sprinting towards an enemy and pressing square on the PlayStation, X on Xbox, or left-click on PC.

This move allows Jedi Knights to break an enemy’s guard, deal damage, and create an opening for follow-up attacks.

Techniques for executing the dropkick move on opponents

Mastering combat techniques is crucial to taking down enemies. Here are four techniques for executing the dropkick move on opponents:

  • Make sure you have proper distance and timing, as it requires you to jump towards your opponent and land both feet on them.
  • Use the Force push ability to knock down your enemy before executing the dropkick move.
  • Aim for weaker opponents, as stronger enemies may not be affected as much.
  • Practice in combat situations, as executing the move successfully takes time and practice. Remember, combining the dropkick with the Jedi Survivor mullet can earn you achievement milestones.

Timing and distance considerations for maximum effectiveness

It’s important to consider the timing and distance for maximum effectiveness. You need to be within relatively close range of your opponent, but with enough gap to get the maneuver off. Sprinting at your enemy will initiate the dropkick animation, sending them flying left and right.

However, it’s crucial to execute the move at the right moment and not too soon or too late, as timing is key in combat. With practice and a good understanding of your opponent’s movements, you can master the dropkick technique.