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Jedi Survivor: All Desert Ridge Chests Locations on Jedha

If you are searching for the 4 Desert Ridge chests in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you have arrived at the right spot. Obtaining one of these chests (Temperance Emitter) is difficult, but we can assist you in achieving it effortlessly.

There are a total of 37 Treasures to collect. Here is a brief list of all the planets with Chests you can collect:

Chest #1 - Kaminoan Legs

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Desert Ridge Chest Kaminoan Legs

This chest is easy to get. It is right next to the fast travel location displayed on the map above.

Chest #2 - Serenity Switch

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Desert Ridge Chest Serenity Switch

The second chest is found not far away from the first chest. Just navigate to the location in the screenshot and grab the Serenity Switch for your lightsaber.

Chest #3 - Temperance Emitter

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Desert Ridge Chest Temperance Emitter

Step 1: Unlock the Upgraded Ascension Cable

To access the Desert Ridge chest, it is necessary to acquire the Upgraded Ascension Cable during Chapter 5. Without it, getting to the crate is impossible.

Step 2: Travel towards the Arid Flats

After obtaining the upgrade, utilize fast travel to reach the Meditation Point situated in the Arid Flats. Proceed towards the Wayfinder's Tomb from there.

Step 3: Cross over the Destroyed Bridge

As you travel from Wayfinder's Tomb to Desert Ridge, you will encounter a bridge that is in disrepair. Once you cross this bridge, prepare for an exciting experience.

Step 4: Use the Flying Creature

Mount the airborne animal and swiftly veer left towards the brink that holds the chest of the Desert Ridge. Take caution not to tumble off the animal, or you'll need to start anew.

Step 5: Jump on the Highest Edge

As soon as you get to the ledge, try to touch down on the highest possible ledge. You're only a short distance away!

Step 6: Jump to Reach the Chest

In the end, leap to ascend the remaining distance to reach the chest located in Desert Ridge. Congratulations!

Chest #4 - Revisited Water

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Desert Ridge Chest Revisit Waters

Go to the location in the screenshot, and you will see a wall you can run across. But instead of running along the wall, run UP the wall.

Keep jumping up the wall with multiple touch jumps and you grab the ledge. Open the Chest to receive the Revisited Waters music soundtrack.