Lightsabers, the Force, and Jedi mind tricks are all iconic elements of the Star Wars universe. But what about the less flashy, yet equally important, tools in a Jedi’s arsenal? One such device is the grappling hook, which has helped countless Jedi navigate treacherous terrain and escape dangerous situations.

Now, a new Jedi survivor grappling hook upgrade promises to take this useful tool to the next level. Whether you’re a Jedi in training or a seasoned warrior, read on to learn more about this exciting innovation.

Ascension Cable

The base Grappling Hook is acquired early on in the campaign and is activated by pressing the ‘E’ key when you see a prompt.

Many grapple points exist in various areas and zones, often requiring multiple jumps, wall-running, or passing through green barriers.

Obtaining the Upgraded Grappling Hook

Jedi Survivor Grappling Hook Upgrade
Jedi Survivor Grappling Hook Upgrade

To obtain the Upgraded Grapple Hook in Jedi Survivor, you need to complete the main objective on your second visit to the Shattered Moon. In the central part of the area, you need to interact with a workbench, which triggers a cutscene.

After the cutscene ends, you will receive the Upgraded Ascension Cable. This upgraded cable works similarly to the old one but with the added feature of being able to grapple towards perches and launch you away from perches after a solid foothold.

With this upgrade, you can access the floating yellow balloons that are scattered throughout the game. Simply trigger the command prompt to grapple towards a yellow balloon and aim Cal to where you want him to jump next.

Use the upgraded cable to complete puzzles and challenges in the game.

Floating Balloons

You might have noticed the floating balloons by now. These intriguing objects hang in mid-air, seemingly with no way to interact with them. 

Boosted Jumps and Changing Directions

Once you let go of the casting button, Cal will perform a boosted jump that can clear gaps. In many instances, you’ll also have to hop back and forth between multiple floating balloons, changing directions each time. Additionally, some floating balloons may have devices that can spawn them.