The game has introduced yet another creature that will add to the excitement and challenges that players will face. Meet the Spawn of Oggdo! In this blog post, we will take a closer look at this creature and what it means for players in the game.

Location of Spawn of Oggdo

Jedi Survivor Spawn Of Aggdo Location
Jedi Survivor Spawn Of Aggdo Location

The Spawn of Oggdo can be found on Koboh. To locate this formidable creature, players must explore the Fort Kah’lin region, which is close to the Rambler’s Reach Outpost outside the Southern Reach and the Riverbed Watch.

Oggdo is situated on a small hill that connects to these locations and serves as a base for the Bedlam Raiders. Players will need to make their way to the center of the location by attacking it.

Look for a Grappling hook point that will take you up to the larger platforms and head towards an area with a large arena where multiple BD-1s are walking around.

Once you reach the center of this platform, you’ll fall down and be face-to-face with the Spawn of Oggdo.

Preparing for the Boss Fight

Jedi Survivor Spawn Of Oggdo Boss Guide
Jedi Survivor Spawn Of Oggdo Boss Guide

Before taking on the tough Spawn of Oggdo mini-boss it is important to prepare for the fight. It is recommended to collect Health Stim upgrades and different kinds of essences as they will come in handy during the battle.

Players should also be patient and stay calm as many of the boss’s attacks can one-shot them. The guide suggests familiarizing oneself with the attack patterns of the boss and figuring out the best time to launch an attack.

Parrying and Dodging Attacks

It’s important to master the art of parrying and dodging the boss’s attacks. The mini-boss has a regular bite attack that can be easily parried and blocked.

However, it’s important to be ready to parry a follow-up attack since the boss often unleashes a second bite. Also has an unblockable slam and charge attack that require quick dodges to avoid.

Timing is vital, and players must count to two seconds before dodging or look out for the boss’s deflated cheeks to dodge effectively.

The Spawn of Oggdo’s Move Set

The boss has a mix of attacks that can be parried and dodged, as well as unpredictable follow-up attacks that can leave players vulnerable. One of its most dangerous attacks is the unstoppable bite, which can only be avoided by sidestepping quickly.

At half health, the Spawn of Oggdo will introduce new attacks and strategies, making the fight even more difficult. Lastly, players need to be aware of the final jump attack and learn how to avoid it.

Oggdo’s Unpredictable Follow-Up Attacks

One of the main difficulties is its unpredictable follow-up attacks. The boss will quickly spam attacks in succession, leaving little room for counterattacks. Dodging or blocking at the last second can help avoid most of the attacks but it can be tough to do.

Maximizing time spent out of range and using long-range abilities like saber throws can be helpful. It’s essential not to get greedy and try to get another hit in. Remember, getting a few hits to regenerate Force is better than taking unnecessary damage.

Dealing with Oggdo’s Unstoppable Bite

One of its deadliest attacks is the bite that is immune to parries and blocks. This quick strike can be a challenge for players to sidestep, but it is crucial to do so to avoid losing precious health points.

Rolling is ineffective, and jumping will only put the player in the line of the boss’s sharp teeth. The best approach is to be fast on the feet and sidestep the attack.

New Attacks and Strategies at Half Health

Be prepared for new attacks and strategies once the boss reaches half health. At this point, the Spawn of Oggdo will introduce a new unblockable move where it jumps into the air and releases a shockwave upon impact.

To avoid this, players must double-jump and quickly use the Dash ability to move out of the way. Additionally, the Spawn of Oggdo will also become more aggressive, attacking with a flurry of quick strikes that can be difficult to parry.

To counter this, players should focus on evading and using quick attacks to whittle down the boss’s health.