Rescue the hostage undetected with our Warframe Lua Rescue Shortcut Guide. Zeipel on Lua (earth’s moon) is a unique rescue mission. Requiring us to solve a puzzle, hacking multiple consoles while fighting off enemies before the timer runs out. What if I told you there was an easier way?

There are 2 shortcuts into the area where the hostage is being held. These will bypass the main door leading directly inside with the 5 hacking terminals.

If you came to this guide just to get the tips and tricks just skim through and look for the bold text. We will understand Tenno!

Lua Rescue Mission Guide

After spawning in on Zeipel we need to navigate our way to the hostage’s location. Once we arrive there will be a hacking console that unlocks the vault door. We now have 2 options. Go in the standard by using the terminal or use a shortcut.

If you are spotted or fail the hacking puzzle the alarm will go off and a timer will start. On the SORTIE variant, the alarm goes off even on a successful hack. Wardens now know of our Lua rescue attempt and will kill the hostage if the timer reaches zero. Reinforcements will arrive making our mission more difficult. Stealth frames like Ivara, Loki, Ash, and Octavia keep us out of sight making things easier.

Lua Rescue Shortcut

Now that we are at the vault just turn around. This small broken door is your way in! Letting us bypass the first hack!

Hopping down the broken wall will lead to a lit hallway with a rotating laser trap. Coming into contact with any of the lasers will alert the wardens and starts the execution sequence.

Bullet jump over the lasers when they get close and run to the opposite end of the tunnel.

Look up and to the right to see a hole in the roof of the tunnel. This leads to the hacking puzzle that unlocks the portal to where the prisoner is held.

Hacking Puzzle

Once inside there are 5 consoles. Each will unlock a portal to a prison cell. Only one can be entered at a time. There is no particular order for this puzzle. It’s completely random. 2 auto-turrets are also here and will shoot if spotted.

Keep hacking all the terminals until you hear the hostage scream out to you. That means you have opened the right one and can retrieve our hostage from the portal without even going in to check. The timer does not stop until you enter the cell, saving us a bunch of time.

Proceed to Extraction

The best part of every mission is the run to extraction. Seeing that green waypoint is a signal of victory. Knowing loot awaits on the other side. Only, in this case, a saved operative who can live to fight another day.

Warframe Lua Rescues can be difficult at first. Just practice what you read here and you will complete them easily even for sorties using no ciphers or stealth frames. Good luck tenno! Ninjas play free…