Wrframe Riven Silver Fragments

Warframe Riven Sliver | Lost Kuva Riven Fragments

In Update 21: The Old Blood, Warframe Riven Sliver was introduced. Cephalon Samodeus created Riven Mods. Kuva Liches have broken down this ancient power into shards and hid them. With enough Riven Sliver, we can rebuild them into their former glory Relics are usually from the void that contains Prime Parts to weapons and Warframes. Now we have a new Kuva variant called Requiem Relics

Lua Rescue Hacking Puzzle

Warframe Lua Rescue Mission Shortcut | Best Guide

Rescue the hostage undetected with our Warframe Lua Rescue Shortcut Guide. Zeipel on Lua (earth’s moon) is a unique rescue mission. Requiring us to solve a puzzle, hacking multiple consoles while fighting off enemies before the timer runs out. What if I told you there was an easier way? There are 2 shortcuts into the area where the hostage is being held. These will bypass