Attention all Jedi fans! Are you ready to immerse yourself in a thrilling adventure and experience the power of the force? Then get ready to join the ultimate quest of the Jedi survivor as he ventures into the heart of the Forest Array.

Step into the world of Star Wars and follow the footsteps of our beloved hero as he encounters dark forces and faces unimaginable challenges in a bid to restore peace to the galaxy.

In this blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at the story of the Jedi survivor and the epic journey that lies ahead. So buckle up, grab your light saber, and let’s explore this iconic and treacherous world together!

Introduction to the Forest Array in Jedi Survivor

Star Wars Jedi Survivor introduces players to a brand new adventure that builds upon the beloved game Fallen Order. One of the exciting locales players will come across in their journey is called the Forest Array. This vibrant jungle is filled with all hues of green, brown, and blue, making it a sight to behold.

However, getting to the Forest Array is no easy feat. Players must overcome a series of challenges to reach this location, including navigating a treacherous chasm, defeating dangerous enemies, and utilizing rideable mounts. With its lush scenery and difficult obstacles, the Forest Array is an unforgettable location in Jedi Survivor.

How to reach the Forest Array

Star Wars Jedi Survival Forest Array
Star Wars Jedi Survival Forest Array

To reach the Forest Array in Jedi Survivor, players must navigate through the Basalt Forest and complete various platforming challenges. Start by using the zipline and wall-running to reach the alcove where enemies await.

Eliminate them and proceed to the platform at the center of the chasm. Use Force Push to launch the zipline and reach the other side. Climb the ledge using the grapple and defeat more enemies as you progress. Use the Force to create makeshift platforms and wall-run to reach the series of vines. Continue your journey, defeat more enemies, and eventually face off against a Bilemaw before finally reaching the Forest Array.

Danger and obstacles on the way to the Forest Array

Star Wars Jedi Survival Forest Array Mini Boss

The path to the Forest Array in Jedi Survivor is fraught with danger and obstacles. Players will need to use their Jedi skills and be prepared for any challenges along the way. From the Basalt Rift with its blocked path and enemies to clear out, to the dangerous Bilemaw monster waiting to attack, it’s a treacherous journey.

There are also caves to traverse with more Stormtroopers to defeat and pitfalls to avoid. Players must be alert and strategic in their approach to overcome these obstacles and reach the Forest Array. With persistence and determination, the Forest Array can be reached and the player’s journey can continue.

Defeating enemies in the Basalt Rift and beyond

Star Wars Jedi Survival Forest Array Mogu
Star Wars Jedi Survival Forest Array Mogu

In the Basalt Rift and beyond, players will encounter various enemies that can hinder their progress towards the Forest Array. Stormtroopers and B1 Droids are common adversaries that can be defeated with quick reflexes and well-timed attacks. In addition, Bilemaw can be a formidable foe with their unblockable front slam and blockable ground pound.

Dodging and attacking during its vulnerable moments is key to defeating this enemy. It’s important to be patient and strategic when facing these enemies to conserve health and Force abilities for later challenges in the game. By mastering combat techniques and staying alert during battles, players can successfully overcome these obstacles and reach the Forest Array.

Finding NPC Toa on the way to the Forest Array

As players progress through their journey in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, they will encounter various challenges and obstacles. One of the important NPCs they will meet on their way to reach the Forest Array is Toa. Toa can be found by the makeshift fire and is a crucial character to interact with.

After passing her, players will come across a short cave passage that leads to a blocked path. By turning right, they will stumble upon a group of Stormtroopers that they need to defeat before continuing on their journey. Toa’s presence in the game adds depth to an already exciting adventure and players will definitely appreciate her help in reaching their destination.

The importance of the Gyro Module in reaching the Forest Array

Star Wars Jedi Survival Gyro Module
Star Wars Jedi Survival Gyro Module

In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, the Gyro Module plays a crucial role in helping players reach the Forest Array on the planet Koboh. This module is obtained by exploring the area underneath Greez’s Saloon, and once obtained, players can take on the journey towards the Forest Gate.

Without the Gyro Module, players cannot access the Forest Array since it is a necessary component for the journey. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that players obtain the module before attempting to venture deeper into the Tanalorr area. This highlights the importance of exploring every nook and cranny of the game to ensure that players have access to all the necessary equipment to progress further.

Navigate through the Tanalorr area

Navigating through the Tanalorr area is a key part of progressing through the Forest Array in Jedi Survivor. Players will need to be quick on their feet and ready to face a range of enemies, including B1 Droids and Bedlam Raiders. It’s important to stay alert and keep an eye out for any potential threats, as well as taking advantage of any cover available.

Players should also be prepared to use wall running and other movement abilities to overcome any obstacles in their path. With a calm and strategic approach, players can successfully make their way through Tanalorr and uncover the secrets hidden within the Forest Array.

Defeating the first boss on Koboh: Dagan Gera

Star Wars Jedi Survival Dagan Gera
Star Wars Jedi Survival Dagan Gera

In Jedi Survivor, defeating Dagan Gera, the first boss on Koboh, can be a challenging battle. However, with the right strategies, players can emerge victorious. Dagan Gera has a limited pool of moves, but his attacks can deal significant damage to a player’s health pool.

Players should invest skill points in the Survival Tree to boost their health and recovery before going into the fight. It’s also recommended to purchase the Mysterious Keycode from Doma’s shop to gain an extra Stim for the encounter. Players should watch out for Dagan Gera’s Force Speed Strike and parry his attacks. With practice and patience, defeating Dagan Gera is possible.

Check on the Mantis and progress further into Jedi Survivor

In Jedi Survivor, checking on the Mantis is an essential part of progressing in the game. After completing various objectives in different areas, players will need to return to their ship to move on to the next stage of the game.

Checking the Mantis also serves as a way to take a break from battling while ensuring that players are prepared for any future challenges. Once on board the Mantis, players can upgrade their abilities, customize their lightsabers, and save their progress.

It’s important to regularly check on the Mantis to ensure that progress is being saved and that the player is ready to take on whatever lies ahead in Jedi Survivor.

Tips and strategies for succeeding in the Forest Array area of Jedi Survivor

In order to succeed in the Forest Array area of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, players will need to employ a variety of tips and strategies. First and foremost, it is important to master the wall-run ability, which will come in handy when navigating the various obstacles and enemies in the area.

It is also crucial to make use of the Force Push and grapple abilities to access hard-to-reach areas. Be on the lookout for rest points where you can replenish your health, and don’t forget to take down any Stormtroopers and other hostile creatures along the way. With these tips in mind, players should be well-equipped to navigate the Forest Array and emerge victorious in Jedi Survivor.