In Chapter 3 of Little Nightmares 2, After using some power cells to open up the cell doors you find yourself stuck in a dark Hospital filled with Mannequins. Our trusty friend gave us a boost into the next room where we first see the Flashlight. Some people find this more difficult than the Kitchen Fight in the previous chapter.

The Flashlight automatically turns on and we are trapped with a mannequin. Turn the overhead light off by jumping on the switch and the mannequin comes to life. Letting us know they can only move in darkness. This part of the walkthrough in the Hospital is fairly straightforward.

How to get past the Mannequins

To get past the Mannequins in Little Nightmares 2 you must stun them with light by rotating the Right Analog stick as you get close. If you get too close they will snatch you up and you’d have to start all over.

Little Nightmares 2 Mannequin Room 01
First Encounter

Not all of the dummies are alive. So knowing what ones to look out for is half the battle. The best way to navigate the darkness is to point it toward the closest doll in the room. Switching to the next one as another gets closer.

Quickly react to the ones that are moving faster and keep moving in towards the exit.

How to Control the Flashlight

When Mono gets close to a Manniquen he will grab the Flashlight with both hands allowing us to walk and aim in opposite directions. Left Analog controls his movements, and the Right Analog controls the Flashlight.

For instance, we can walk backward by holding Right on the left Analog, while holding Left on the Right analog.

Example: O-> <-O

With this in mind, you should be able to spin around in circles freezing every enemy in the room. They will not be able to grab you because of the stun that’s applied by the light. Try this mechanic out for a little bit and you’ll see what I mean.

Hospital Walkthrough

This part of the game goes from being relatively safe to completely overwhelmed. One enemy or 20 at a time. Hopefully, this walkthrough can help you navigate the dark and shed some light on what you should do.

YouTube video
Youtube Video – Hospital Walkthrough

Hallway With the Hands

Little Nightmares 2 Long Arms Room
Long Mannequin Arms

This leads us to the Hallways with hands. The Room with Long Arms poking through the metal hospital doors. The arms from below are what we need to be careful of.

With everything going into chaos we have to keep moving forward. As we do, a door will open and now Mannequins are chasing us.

Stun them all and walk backward until some appear behind you. Turn around, stun, and turn back around. Repeat this process until you arrive at the bed. Walk backward under the bunk bed and climb the shelves that lead to a vent into a shower area.

Wheelchair Room

Little Nightmares 2 Wheelchair Puzzle
Wheelchair Puzzle

After throwing soap bars and moving boxes we arrive at the Wheelchair Room. Make the Mannequin stand up by shutting the light off in the shower area. The witch is located towards the entrance. Sometimes you have to think outside the box like with the Dumpster Puzzle.

There is a secret room if you move the box full of soap revealing another vent. Nothing of note is in the room. It may be required to activate the light switch.

Now that the light is on, the wheelchair will be empty but a Manniquen is charging right for you. Run back and reactivate the switch to stop it from moving.

You are free to push the Wheelchair against the Door to climb over to the other side.

Mannequin Room

Little Nightmares 2 Mannequins
Last Room

We made it to the dreaded Mannequin Room. In this area, you will have to quickly snap from one doll to another while walking backward to get past. Be ready to get attacked from every angle!

Failing a couple of times here is ok. Just try to remember where they come from. Keep turning left and right with the flashlight. Most of the dolls will be in the direction of the exit. until we are in the middle of the room. Then you are completely surrounded by the dark.

How to Cheese this area

To cheese this area, learn to walk backward while spinning the right analog stick to permanently stun all of them. Learn to control the flashlight.

  • Hold Right on the Left Analog Stick
  • Spin the Right Analog Stick in 360 degrees
  • Readjust as more approach

A couple runs for practice and you are good to go.