Little Nightmares 2 Kitchen Fight and Cafeteria Walkthrough

Little Nightmares 2 - Kitchen Fight and Cafeteria Walkthrough

To win the Kitchen Fight in Little Nightmares 2 and survive the Cafeteria, we must defeat four bullies with a metal spoon and use his head as camouflage. We are now one of them.

Avoid everyone, watch for aggressive bullies and senseless dolls running around. Don't let them knock you down or everyone swarms you.

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The Kitchen Fight

The first bully wiping the plate in the middle of the room will rush you immediately.

To defeat most of the bullies, wait for them to stop and instantly swing. If you timed it right the attack will break them every time. Moving one…

Everyone in the kitchen is now alerted. The crazy child on the stove jumps down and wants some too. Kill it as soon as possible because another kid just hurled over the table. With three down, the kid that was just watching, sitting on the dishes, wants to join his friends.

Now if you noticed, his head didn't break. We need to use his big head as a disguise to get past the cafeteria.


Here is a short summary of what to do in the kitchen:

  • Grab the spoon
  • Defeat the dolls one by one
  • Attack when they stop rushing
  • Grab the Dolls Head

Surviving the Cafeteria

Crawl under the table while holding the doll's head over our own. If you get too close to anyone in here they will push you. Just avoid everyone the best you can.

Eventually, we reach the table. For some reason, this crazy child throws the pot at the perfect time to hit us. Wait until he throws it, then proceed to the door.

School can get hectic, but this is on a whole other level. We took a couple of minutes just to see what all the kids were doing individually. There is a doll hogtied on top of a stack of dishes, ten feet high. Wow!

The hallway is not as chaotic, but much more violent. In the middle of the hallway, three kids will rush by. Make sure not to get hit and go along to the end of the hallway.

Climb the shelves, break the Jar and use the brain to hit the button. This will lead us to the Teachers Lab.


Short summary of the cafeteria chaos:

  • Keep your distance
  • Avoid the kid on top of the table (drops a bowl)
  • Slow down in the hallway
  • Climb us and break the jar
  • Use the brain to open the door to the lab
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