One of the main differences in Little Nightmares 2 from its previous title is requiring more attention to detail and being able to slightly think outside the box. Not everything in the game is solved on the lateral axis.

They make great use of vertical space and a larger area to roam in, unlike the original game. Once you get used to it, puzzles become much easier to solve.

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Solving the Dumpster Puzzle

To solve the Dumpster Puzzle in Little Nightmares 2 you must grab the side of the dumpster and push it away from the screen towards the indent in the wall. This will force the lid to close. Allowing our friends to hop on top and get out of the rain.

  • Grabbing the trash bin
  • Force it to roll into the partition (lid will close)
  • Pull it back towards the ledge (right side)
  • Use the Broken TV to jump on the cover
  • Leap on the ledge

Tips and Tricks

To help your brain get into the best mode for puzzle-solving try analyzing the surrounding space in detail. It is easy to get stuck in a rigid way of thinking. This game does a great job at pulling your attention slightly off, just enough to cause confusion.

The above example is allowing you to notice the opening but obscures the answer with darkness and misdirection. Up next we got the Mannequin Hospital.