Welcome to our guide on the Dual Wield Stance in Jedi Survivor. If you’re looking to learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of this stance, how to unlock it, and the combos you can use, you’ve come to the right place.

With our in-depth analysis, you’ll be able to master the Dual Wield Stance and take on even the toughest opponents. So, let’s get started!

How to get the Dual Wield Stance

Star Wars Jedi Survival Dual Stance
Star Wars Jedi Survival Dual Stance

If you want to add some extra firepower to your fights against the Empire’s forces in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, then you might want to learn how to use the Dual Wield Sabers Stance. To get this stance, you need to fight the Ninth Sister during your visit to Coruscant. During the battle, a cutscene will show the Ninth Sister locked in combat with you.

Cal will split his Lightsaber into two halves, and you’ll be awarded the Dual Wield Sabers Stance immediately afterward. Once you acquire the stance, you can use it to start wielding two Lightsabers at once. Keep in mind that using this stance will consume your stamina but will increase your attack speed with capable strikes and an upgradeable Force Parry

 With this new stance, you’ll be able to slice through enemies more swiftly than ever before. To customize your Dual Sabers, you can also choose color options, and if you’re tired of using them, there is an option to holster them, too.

Full Skill Tree

Star Wars Jedi Survival Duel Stance Unlocked
Star Wars Jedi Survival Duel Stance Unlocked

The Dual Stance has a skill tree with the following upgrades:


Costs 2 Skill Points: After attacking at least once, delay your next attack input to perform a flurry of quick, successive strikes.


Costs 1 Skill Point: Adds a heavy attack to the end of your flurry of strikes, allowing you to deal more damage and break through enemy defenses.


Costs 2 Skill Points: Adds a dodge ability to the Dual Wield Stance, allowing you to quickly evade enemy attacks and reposition yourself for a counterattack.


Costs 3 Skill Points: Unlocks a powerful ability that allows you to throw both of your sabers at once, dealing heavy damage to enemies and potentially dismembering them. Can only be used after charging the attack first.


Costs 2 Skill Points: Increases your damage output when wielding both sabers, allowing you to take out enemies faster and more efficiently.


Costs 3 Skill Points: Unlocks a new combo finisher that deals massive damage to enemies, making it easier to take down tough opponents. 

Dual Wield Sabers Strengths and Weaknesses

The Dual Wield Saber Stance in Jedi Survivor offers both strengths and weaknesses. It allows for overwhelming attacks and the ability to drain an opponent’s stamina quickly. Additionally, it offers the option to throw a second saber at an opponent. 


  • Dual Wield Stance provides access to two lightsabers at the same time, making it overwhelming for both you and your opponent.
  • Allows you to drain your opponent’s stamina easily due to a seemingly endless barrage of back-to-back swings.
  • Offers a second saber that can be thrown at your opponent.
  • Makes blocking and parrying attacks easier as your opponent has to make sure their attack gets through two lightsabers instead of just one.
  • Provides access to both a Force-consuming auto parry and the capacity to block mid-combo, allowing you to commit fully to offense knowing you can still block if your opponent attacks.
  • Offers one of the best Stances for dueling.


  • Dual Wielding only allows you to use the strength from one arm for each saber, which is quite taxing if you get put on the defensive.
  • Offers only 3 bars of Block stamina, the least of any of the Stances.
  • Performs poorly in multi-target situations as the attack must be charged and makes you vulnerable while your sabers are out flying around doing their thing.
  • Requires you to lean on your second stance for larger groups.