The God Of War 4 Niflheim Cipher Locations shown here is to Unlock Niflheim Realm. You must find 4 Language Ciphers but here we show all 7. (LUCKY YOU) They are in the purple chests that have a lock that looks like a mask.

New armor and challenges that task you with navigating a maze labyrinth that changes randomly on entry but follows a pattern. Check out our Anchor Of Fog guide to learn how to navigate the maze. The last upgrade to the Leviathan Axe and provides the best armor in God Of War.

7 Cipher Locations For Niflheim Valdis Workshop

If you plan to defeat all the enemies without dropping the difficulty this gear is important. The order of the ciphers shown here is from the beginning of the game (easy and quick) to the end (unreachable – Like the mountain Cipher). Each one will be shown with the mission needed to be completed to reach the purple chest. Below are timestamps and a text guide.

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Cipher #1 – Ruins Of The Ancient

First on the list is the easiest cipher to obtain. Ruins of the ancient is a small isolated island. Dock your boat run past the ancient enemy (he should not attack) and open the purple chest. It can be collected in free roam.

Cipher #2 – Lookout Tower

South next to the bridge in the lake of nine is the next Niflheim cipher location. Once you reach the shore there will be spikes guarding your path. Hit the spinny thing with your ax to lower the spikes. The chest can now be opened.

Cipher #3 – Shores Of Nine

Head north for the Mason Channel and turn right just before going under the paddles. This Niflheim cipher requires you to complete the Light Of Alfheim mission. Hit the crystal with light arrows and climb up the cliffside. There will be more crystals to destroy but you must first climb up the ledge and hit them from the other side of the rocks. Collected in Midgard.

Cipher #4 – Tyr’s Temple

If you have been in Tyr’s temple there is no way you missed this language cipher location. This chest is located on the right side with the slamming spike traps. Right after the spinning fire statue will be what you are looking for.

Cipher #5 – Tyr’s Temple

More of the same as cipher 4. The left side of this temple is spinning blades that need to be lined up behind each other so you can pass. Enemies will spawn. make quick work of them and grab your Niflheim cipher.

Cipher #6 – The Mountain

The mountain cipher location is located on the long bridge of ice at about the midpoint. There is a ledge on the edge you can climb down the side of the mountain. The purple chest is located right next to the realm tear.

Cipher #7 – Serpents Mouth

After asking the serpent about the statue he ate he allows you to paddle your boat in his mouth. The mission “Jotunheim In Reach” is the only way to obtain this language cipher and if you fail to collect it before leaving you will never have that chance again. The location is obvious.


The 4 Niflheim Ciphers needed to gain access to Valdis Workshop can be found early in the game using this guide. Check out our Muspelheim Cipher guide to unlocking the Fire Armor. Have fun. This game is amazing!