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Anchor Of Fog - God Of War 4 Guide | Niflheim Maze

Here is our God Of War 4 Anchor Of Fog Guide for Niflheim Ivald’s Workshop. We will show you how to get the Anchor Of Fog and plenty of Mist Echos that are used to open the tears inside the center chamber in Niflheim.

Below is a diagram we made of the WHOLE MAP of the maze in Ivaldi's Workshop. The maze is constructed like a baseball field. By the way, there are major spoilers in this guide!

If your having trouble defeating enemy's your gear rating might be too low. Upgrade your armor with better enchantments. Try reading our Hacksilver farming guide on the God Of War Loot Cave. Upgrading gear can be expensive.

How to find Anchor of Fog

Anchor Of Fog is located in the Left and Right field in between Base 1-2 and 2-3. A Valkyrie will be in one of these places. If you kill her you will allow yourself to farm for two Anchors of fog in one run.

All Spinny Puzzle Pieces are located at each base. Just remember the Icons Order (create your own word for them). Anchor Of Fog has a random drop chance from the chests and it feels like luck affects the drop chance.

Anchor Of Fog Map
Use this map to navigate the maze so you never get lost.

Anchor Of Fog Farming Method

  1. Run Past Enemy and open chests for easy Mist Echos
  2. Buy the key from Sindri (Requires Mist Echos *#1)
  3. Use the key (very beginning of maze) to open the middle chamber
  4. Go to "Left or Right Field" beat the boss (Kill Valkyrie?)
  5. Open Chest for a chance at Anchor of Fog
  6. Repeat step 5
  7. (OPTIONAL) Kill the Valkyrie for double chances at getting the Anchor.

As an alternative, instead of running past the enemy's, you can open the chests to get more air. This will grant you more time to defeat the bosses who drop the Anchor Of Fog.

The center chest must be opened first before Anchor Of Fog will spawn as a resource. This key can be purchased from Sindri for a couple of hundred mist echoes. Place our new key in the circular stone at the entrance of the maze. This will unlock the center chamber with the realm of tears.

Opening the Chest at Boss Fights

Dodge all the traps set to kill Kratos. At first, this will be difficult but once you get the timing down you won't break a sweat. This run will take about 5 minutes or less. Decide in the beginning if we will be running clockwise or counterclockwise. Keep moving in the same direction to stay efficient with our air. If you run out of air Kratos will die and we will lose everything collected.

Once you make it to the boss area (right or left field as shown in the map above) the enemies will need to be killed before the chest can be opened. The bosses are sometimes random so depending on what difficulty your playing on, we might have to switch abilities or armor to best suit our needs.

Killing the Valkyrie

Kill the bosses and open the big chest on the side. This is the only spot that the Anchor Of Fog will come from. If you don't get it here you will have to exit the maze and try again. Killing the Valkyrie will allow you two chances at getting the AOF before having to restart.

This completes our guide. In conclusion, AOF in God Of War is relatively easy to farm. It's up to RNG on how long you will need to farm for. While doing so we will gather tons of Mist Echos and Hacksilver for upgrades in the future.