Here is our ULTIMATE guide to help you find an Anchor Of Fog in God Of War. Learn about the realm of Niflheim and Ivaldies Workshop, farming methods, Map Layout, combat tips, and realm tears.

We provide a helpful map in the shape of a baseball field to help you navigate the maze. We’ll also show you how to get the Anchor Of Fog and plenty of Mist Echos to open the tears inside the center chamber.

Here is a quick tip from the start. If you need help defeating enemies in this guide, your gear rating might be too low. Upgrade your armor with better enchantments or runes. Try reading our Hacksilver farming guide on the God Of War Loot Cave. Upgrading gear can be expensive.

God of War is now on Playstation 5, PS4, and PC. This guide can be applied to all versions of the game. By the way, there are significant spoilers in this guide!

Buckle up this is quite the read!

What Is the Anchor of Fog?

The Anchor of Fog is a rare item in God Of War crafted by Ivaldi. Once used, the Anchor can retrieve anything from Niflheim and return it to its origin. So if some want to hide a Gift From Apollo with a tear, this device will force them to return.

Anchor Of Fog Description
Anchor Of Fog God Of War 1

“To hide his machinations from Odin, Ivaldi crafted devices that could pull anything back to its home.” (item description)

What Are Anchors of Fog Used For?

Each Anchor of Fog is used to open a Realm Tear containing powerful opponents and rewards. Ivaldi crafted two talismans and a rune so powerful Odin took notice.

So he conjured rips in space to hide them and created a key to retrieve them. Although he never gained a chance to do it, Atreus and his father have a chance to do so instead. With the help of Sindri, of course.

Anchor of Fog Locations

The Anchor of Fog has two different locations within Niflheim. Left Field and Right Field (see map below) are the only locations they can be found.

Beware, A boss fight or a Valkerie guards the deepest part of the mist. They must be defeated to spawn a legendary chest containing this item.

How to find Anchor of Fog

To find the Anchor of Fog, head over to the Left and Right fields between Base 1-2 and 2-3. They have a random drop chance from the Legendary Chests, and luck affects the drop chance making them more likely to appear.

A Valkyrie will be in one of these areas too. You’ll earn another opportunity to farm for the epic item in a single run if you kill her. Because she is replaced with a boss, another legendary chest will spawn instead of her.

All Spinny Puzzle Pieces are located at each base. Just remember the Icon Order (create your own word for them).

Use this Niflheim map to navigate the maze so you always stay aware.

Anchor Of Fog Map
Anchor Of Fog 1

Opening the Chest at Boss Fights

Dodge all the traps set to kill Kratos. At first, this will be difficult, but once you acquire the timing, you won’t sweat it. This run will take about 5 minutes or less.

Decide in the beginning if we will be running clockwise or counterclockwise. Keep moving in the same direction to stay efficient with our air. If you run out of air, you will die, and we will lose everything collected.

Once you reach the boss area (right or left field, as shown in the picture above), the enemies must be killed before the Chest can be opened. The bosses are sometimes random, so depending on what difficulty you playing on, we might have to switch abilities or armor to best suit our needs.

Defeating The Valkyrie

Hildr used to be a carefree Valkyrie, but her fate changed drastically when she was cursed with a physical body and condemned. The curse left her crazier than a fox in a henhouse.

So the Valkyrie Queen did what any good monarch would – threw a magical cover over the situation and locked Hildr away!

Hildr’s true challenge is to stay alive long enough to use Runic powers to lay the smackdown!

Block and Dodge The Right Moves

Be ready when battling Hildr–she might not have the most lethal moves of all foes, but she certainly knows how to make an entrance! Just as you think it’s safe, she unleashes her cryomancy and rapidly shoots a flurry of ice shards your way.

These shards are blockable but will need to dodge the considerable chunk of icy spike that wraps up this attack. Of course, Hildr isn’t one for close combat. So there is plenty of time to prepare yourself, thanks to the apparent winding-up before any significant assaults.

Watch out for Hildr’s unblockable energy blast – one hit, and you’ll be frozen solid! If that wasn’t enough, she follows it up with a super close-up Scythe slash. Luckily, we have the Guardian Shield to defend ourself against this attack.

Despite her ability to one shot on the hardest difficulty, she’s not much of a fighter. She might take to the sky with a flying grab every now and then, but more often than not, it doesn’t lead to any other move. Perhaps she likes getting a bird’s eye view!

How to farm for the Anchor Of Fog

To farm for the Anchor of Fog, the center chest must be opened first before the Anchor Of Fog can spawn as a resource. This key is purchased from Sindri for 500 mist echoes. Place our new key in the circular stone at the maze entrance.

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This will unlock the center chamber with the realm of tears. Traverse past first base and go to left field. Kill all the enemies here and open the Chest.

Find one? Good; if not, pass second base and try again in left field. These are the only two places they spawn.

  1. Run Past Enemy and open chests for easy Mist Echos
  2. Buy the key from Sindri (Requires Echos *#1)
  3. Use the key (very beginning of the maze) to open the middle chamber
  4. Go to “Left or Right Field” and beat the boss (Kill Valkyrie?)
  5. Open Chest for a chance to get Anchor of Fog (max your luck stats)
  6. Repeat step 5
  7. Kill the Valkyrie for double chances at obtaining the Anchor.

Alternatively, instead of running past the enemy’s, you can open the chests to get more air. This will grant you more time to defeat the bosses.

Understanding Niflheim

Niflheim is a foggy domain due to its eternal mist-like atmosphere, constant surge of snowflakes, and gusts of chilly winds! It’s as if you’re living on an iceberg!

Before traveling to this area, you need 4 Niflheim Cypers. Follow this guide if you have any trouble.

At some point, an overly eager Dwarf alchemist named Ivaldi thought it would be a grand idea to set up shop in the land of mist. He decided he would use the chilly powers to create works of art that could chill even Gods with their ability.

Unfortunately for poor Ivaldi, Odin saw this as a challenge to his strength and decided to teach him a lesson. Ivaldi retaliated with full force but tragically didn’t realize what kind of trouble he was getting himself into.

His tinkering caused a poisonous fog to take over his workshop and surrounding area, which inevitably led to his demise – talk about a buzzkill!

The fog near Ivaldi’s workshop has transformed into something wickedly deadly that could knock off anyone hanging around for too long – kiss your lungs goodbye!

But don’t worry – if you make intelligent pathing decisions, you should be able to steer clear. Plus, if you deck yourself out in Ivaldi’s armor, the exposure will last a bit longer.

Niflheim Ivaldi’s Workshop

Kratos may want to be cautious in the workshop – it’s a dangerous place, full of poisonous mist that’ll kill him if he stands around too long.

Luckily, our hero can extend his time in the area by opening chests and getting help from the handy Dwarf Sindri near the entrance. He can even get the Deadly Mist armor set crafted by Ivaldi that’ll provide an excellent defense to reduce the effects of the mist!

Strategy and Combat Tips

  • Get familiar with the layout (map reference)
  • Leave the mist if your bar is low
  • Monitor your health drain
  • When entering the fog, choose a direction and stick to it. Don’t double back!
  • Craft the Deadly mist armor Set for more survivability in the fog.
  • Upgrade your armor and weapons
  • Block first, attack second

Niflheim Realm Tears

Realm Tears were created by Ivaldis Curse and can be found within the Center Chamber in Niflheim. There is a total of three realm tears that need to be sealed.

Kratos will attempt to grab the item through the portal and be halted. These doorways are guarded by enemies and must be defeated before you can claim the hidden object.

1st Realm Tear

  • Required Resources: Anchor Of Fog and 10,000 Mist Echos
  • Monsters Spawn: 2 Ogres
  • Special Reward: Dust Of Realms – “Used to enhance unique properties of various talisman” (item description)
  • Gift Of Apollo: Heavy Runic Attack – “Temporarily enhance the Blades of Chaos so that every hit give Kratos a small amount of health” (item description)

2nd Realm Tear

  • Required Resources: Anchor Of Fog and 15,000 Mist Echos
  • Monsters Spawn: 3 Revenants
  • Special Reward: Dust Of Realms
  • Talismen Of Cursed Power: Epic Talisman – “Unleash a wave of Cursed Mist that instantly WEAKENS all surrounding enemies by lowering their overall stats” (item description)

3rd Realm Tear

  • Required Resources: Anchor Of Fog and 20,000 Mist Echos
  • Monsters Spawn: Soul Devourer
  • Special Reward: Dust Of Realms
  • Mistbourne: Epic Axe Pommel – “Low Perk activation chance to grant Healing Mist on any successful hit. Healing Mist regenerates Health and increase RUNIC” (item description)

Opening the Realm Tears

Opening Realm Tears require mist echos and an Anchor Of Fog. Summoning an angry wave of 2 Ogres, a Soul Devororer, and 3 Revenants to seal the portal.

You must retrieve another anchor from the mist if you fail to defeat them. Sealing all three will earn a Playstation Trophy called “Darkness and Fog.”

The Importance Of Mist Echoes

Mist Echos are essential because they are the main currency of this region. Only obtainable from the deadly mist by the opening Chest. They will be lost upon death, and Kratos must enter the maze again to gather more.


This is a pretty exhaustive guide. I’m sure we covered everything you may be asking and more. God Of War Ragnarok is the newest installment of the series. Have you played it? What are your thoughts?

If you haven’t done so, you can also collect Muspelheim Ciphers to unlock another realm made of fire.