God Of War 4 Glitch with Infinite Hacksilver Enchantments and Resources from the Loot Cave. Congratulations you just found the best money glitch in God Of War. It takes some time to set up but will net more than 25k Hacksilver every 40s. This GOW cheat contains spoilers! Let’s get started!

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Loot Cave Glitch in God Of War

TLDR – “Family Business” side Quest can be farmed using the checkpoint glitch. The enemies can be kept alive for later unlike other similar farming methods if you never give the WhetStone to Sindri. Please watch the video above for more details on how to get started.

This Loot Cave is located in the Northri Stronghold and is unique because we can keep the enemies spawning indefinitely making them drop unlimited hacksilver. The enemies that spawn here drop the best loot. Enchantments, (placed in gear sockets) Hacksilver, (obviously) and Solid Svartalfheim Steel. Sells for 2.5k each, 4-5 Steel per run.

You will need to complete a couple of missions before this cheat will work. Let me know if you find a better place. This God Of War 4 Glitch is the best I have come across so far after hundreds of hours of playtime. Exploits are not for everyone. Uploaded this for anyone looking for the most efficient way to gather money.

Hacksilver Farming Requirements

  1. Complete Main Mission “A New Destination”
  2. Complete Side Quest “Fafnir’s Hoard” Talk to Sindri at his shop after
  3. Completing “A New Destination”
  4. Get Side Quest “Family Business”.
  5. Make a manual save (in case you accidentally killed the last enemy)
  6. Continue up until you dock your boat with enemies in front of you.
  7. Farm them now and continue with the mission after or…
  8. Get to the end of the quest. Keep the Whetstone and then farm.

GOW Hacksilver Time Stamps:

  • 0:26 – TLDR – What you need to know before starting
  • 0:35 – Location – Northri Stronghold
  • 0:44 1:24 – Loot Cave Guide
  • 2:31 – The Loot That Drops
  • 2:53 – Hacksilver Profit?

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