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ACO Agamemnon Gauntlets Chest Location

Assassins Creed Odyssey finding the Legendary Chest Location with the Agamemnon’s Gauntlets armor inside. The bracers of the armor worn by legendary Agamemnon, Polemarch of the Greek forces at Troy.

Legendary Chest Location

This legendary chest is located in the ATTIKA region inside the Silver Mountain city.

  • Armor Features:
    • 11% Warrior Damage
    • 15% Elemental Buildup
  • Agamemnon Set Bonus
    • 50% Burning Rate

Fire Build With Agamemnon Set

The fire builds in ACO are extremely fun to use. With this set bonus we can inflict 50% more tick damage with our fire once we proc the effect. Now that these ticks can Crit, we can literally melt our enemies and watch them burn! Try it out it’s so much fun…